Heat On Radiant Ceiling Heating Panels

Radiant Ceiling Heating Panels

Heat-On FIR (Far Infrared Reaching) Radiant Ceiling Heating panels uses the latest eco friendly technology producing "healthy" sun like warmth to solid surfaces including floors.

Heat-On has a unique patented ceramic heating plate which is able to precisely and quickly warm room surfaces. Heating masonry, wood, ceramics, walls, ceilings and furnishing surfaces (not the air). These surfaces store warmth (much longer than air) and return "clean and dry" warmth to the room (air). Masonrys stay dry, mould and mildew free.

A perfect solution for open plan, large glassed living area, and or, bedrooms.

Extremely economical operation due to the speed of the pick up time, surface heat retention and quality automated control.

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  • Patented & very special surface coating design.
  • Latest heating technology starting to dominate Europe.
  • More efficient than a heat pump.(5 star +)
  • The most environmentally friendly technology available.
  • Produce a very safe and selective wavelength (heat) 9-14 micro meters that passes directly through moisture laden air, thus providing extremely quick heat time.
  • Provides still radiant warmth evenly (vertically & horizontally), unlike convection heating that causes stratification, thus the required design wattage is far less than other traditional heating and reduces related running costs (approx 30%).
  • The surface heat-sink (floor/walls/furniture/people) provides a longer stable ambient temperature and high cycle rate (system remains off longer) therefore providing further operational savings.
  • 99.9% Kills bacteria within the environment.
  • Dust reduction for asthma sufferers with negative Ionisation.
  • Completely Safe and durable.
  • European slim-line design.
  • 5 year residential warranty (2 years commercial).


Hot Yoga Studios have turned to Heat-On FIR heating. Some Hot Yoga studios need to heat up to temperatures as high as 42C. Making Heat-On FIR Yoga heaters the ideal solution due to the health benefits, fast warm up times and system efficiency.

Heat-On Panels products and controls are approved and Certified to New Zealand and International Standards.

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Can we change the colour to suit?

Heat-On heating panels can be colour matched to any colour under the sun. This is quite a specialised process where the heating plates and frames are dismantled upon receipt of the order, and undergo a spray painting process in two pack polyurethane matt or gloss finish.

Heat-On heating panels can also be finished in a beautiful high resolution 600dpi digital print. Using high quality Durst Rho Rigid Inks, which are heat & moisture stabalised. So you can get really creative the skies the limit, abstracts, cars, or your favorite artists painting. Minimum order quantities and additional costs apply.

How do I choose what size panels I need?

Typically we design at 80 watts per M2 of the room size and then choose the size and number of panels that will fit with your lighting layout.

How do we get the panels installed?

We have local nationwide Dealers who can provide a design and quote service or we can supply DIY panels direct.

How efficient is it to operate?

FIR Radiant Panels are very cost effective to operate. The Heat-On heating technology has been independently performance tested, the results showed that you can install up to 33% less wattage compared to heat pumps (inverters and split systems). Also up to 50% less wattage when compared to convective wall mounted heaters.