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 Easy Fix Heated Towel Rails

"Easy fix" heated Towel rails

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 Under Tile Heating

Under Tile Heating Easy to Install

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Lunos E2

Lunos Decentralised Ventilation System

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Radiance Ceiling Panel

Radiance Ceiling Panel

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Welcome To The Heating Company

The Heating Company International has been involved in New Zealand heating since 1994 and has continued to expand our product range of heating and ventilation products. We have representative in Australia, Hong Kong, India and China. 

We offer quality and innovation at superior prices than competitive.

Nationwide electrically based installation or product supply.


Company Statement

There are many heating options available and while the majority have their place, no one system suits all. Your choice, depends on budget, lifestyle, building design and finished flooring type. New air tight buildings, a higher insulation envelope and open plan living has changed New Zealand's home heating and ventilation needs.

We don't need as much heating as we once did, however the "correct" ventilation is critical. New Zealanders have been "sold" Positive Input Pressure Ventilation Systems (PIV) such as HRV and DVS etc but this type of ventilation is limited in fuction and performance and requires open windows, doors etc to remove the outgoing moisture and polluted air and therefore at the same time removing your paid for heating.

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MHRV) is a very worthwhile consideration for new air tight buildings. If you desire a healthy living environment with moderate investment with minimal operational cost. Notwithstanding MHRV minimises overall heating investment and operational cost. See more information below...

Individual zoned heating, utilising a product mix and match option is often the most cost effective and pragmatic approach. Again this depends on your budget, lifestyle, building design and flooring type i.e. In concrete heating may be appropriate for "large" finished concrete floors.

Most homes have open plan living and install a fireplace for ambiance or heatpumps (convection) because of the Coefficient Performance (COP) operational savings. If you don't need the HP cooling aspect then you may want to look at a "Radiant" heating options as it is superior to "convection" heating.

Hydronic water fed systems in the concrete foundation may be appropriate for "large" areas with hard flooring.

The Heating Company International specialises in bedroom, bathroom, utility rooms, full home MHRV and extraction systems.


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Radiance Outdoor Heater


 Stainless Steel & Matte Black Heated Towel Rails

 Up to 50% Off, limited stock available!!!

Enhance the style and drama of your bathroom with our dramatic black range of "Easy Fix" Heated Towel Rails

Many options and style to choose from including our space saver V2 through to 8 bars and 10 bars options. Your heated towel rails will compliment your individual bathroom style with square, round or curved options.

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Our Philosophy

Your heating and ventilation choice should be based on Budget, Design, Construction Type and Lifestyle. Most 'modern' homes have a tight insulation envelope, including double glazing and open plan living accommodating the use of solar gain. Therefore we don't need as much heating as we once did, but we do need to consider Heat Recovery Ventilation to remove Polluted air and maintain a healthy environment which is essential. The Heating Company believes in mixing and matching product types, opposed to a whole home heating solution, to achieve the correct Ambiance within an affordable budget. Utilizing automated independent zone operation, as required per zone, with the ability to adjust to our erratic weather conditions, therefore providing affordable operation and comfort. Maximum energy efficiency is gained by incorporating individual zoned heating, utilising a product mix and match approach in tandem with HRV, opposed to a whole home heating systems in most circumstances. The Living areas, bedrooms and utility room heating needs to be automated for set time frames, comfort and efficiency.