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Your garden, patio, and barbeque area are great places to spend time in and get some fresh air, but how can you enjoy these areas when the temperature isn’t pleasant? A perfect way to keep warm when the temperature drops is by using outdoor heaters. Here are few things that you need to know before installing heaters outdoor.


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Are Radiant Heaters Good?

When you think about outdoor heaters, large gas heaters are the first thing that comes to mind. There are newer and better alternatives, as while gas heaters have a high heat intensity, they tend to emit an unpleasant gaseous smell during use. The alternative is radiant heaters which are cheaper, and more versatile – and you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel.

Radiant heaters emit radiant heat which is undoubtedly the most effective type of heating as of date. Unlike gas heaters which warms the surrounding air, electric heaters warm objects and people directly. Getting rid of the nuisance of waiting, Radiant outdoor heaters can provide instant heat the moment you need it.


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Can You Use Outdoor Heaters Inside?

Without too many drawbacks, yes, outdoor heaters can be used indoors. However, one must take note of the nature of this type of heater. Outdoor heaters are designed to spread heat over a large area, making them bigger and more powerful than an indoor heater. This means extra precautions are required when setting it up indoors.


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How Many Heaters Do I Need?

The number of heaters that you’ll need will depend on the space that you have. Also, the heat output of your outdoor heater must be considered.

For example, our SC1800-Plus outdoor heater can cover an area of 8-12m². Let's assume you have a patio with an area of 30m². To calculate the number of heaters needed, divide the total patio area by the coverage area of each heater.

Number of heaters = 30m² / 12m² (assuming the maximum coverage area)

Number of heaters = 2.5

In this case, you would need at least 3 outdoor radiant heaters to cover the entire patio adequately. You may choose to round up or down depending on your preference. If you want to ensure better coverage, rounding up to 3 would be advisable.


Are Outdoor Heaters Safe For Pets?

A general rule of thumb with heaters is to make sure your pet doesn’t get too close to it or spend too much time near it. Luckily, our heaters outdoor are positioned overhead, which helps reduce the risk of pets coming into direct contact with the heating element. It's important to install the heater at an appropriate height, taking into account the size and movement of your pets. Make sure it is mounted high enough so that pets cannot reach it or come too close to the hot surfaces.


Renting Or Buying

Deciding whether to buy or rent an outdoor heater in New Zealand depends on a few factors: your needs, how often you'll use it, your budget, and future plans. Here's what to consider:

Frequency of Use: If you'll use the heater a lot or for a long time, buying might save you money. Renting is better for occasional or short-term use.

Budget: Compare the costs of renting and buying, including maintenance and accessories. Think about the upfront cost of buying versus rental fees for the time you need.

Long-Term Plans: If you'll use the heater over many seasons or events, buying provides more value. But if you need it temporarily or are unsure, renting offers flexibility without commitment.

Storage and Maintenance: Consider if you have space to store the heater. Buying means taking care of maintenance and repairs, while renting avoids storage and maintenance worries.

Availability and Variety: Check the rental options in your area. If they match your needs, it can be convenient and cost-effective.

Resale Value: Some heaters retain value, so selling it later could help recoup some money. Research the market for potential resale value.

Ultimately, weigh the cost, convenience, and long-term plans to decide if buying or renting an outdoor heater in NZ is best for you.


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Outdoor Heaters for Commercial Properties

When it comes to commercial use, outdoor heaters can be a valuable addition to enhance the outdoor experience for customers and guests. Whether you're a proud restaurant owner, a hospitable venue operator, or an event space manager, creating a comfortable outdoor environment is essential for attracting and retaining customers.

Outdoor heaters can extend the usability of your outdoor space on cool evenings, allowing patrons to enjoy their meals or drinks without feeling chilly. This can increase the overall seating capacity and revenue potential of your establishment.



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