Businesses Needing Heated Towel Racks For Bathrooms


heated towel racks for bathrooms


If you run a business operating within the hospitality or lifestyle sectors or want to offer your clients an extra and unexpected luxury, you should consider installing heated towel racks (also known as towel rails) in your bathrooms. It’s an extremely affordable way to add a touch of opulence to any customer experience. While countless businesses would benefit from installing towel racks, we’ve highlighted a few below to give you an idea of how they can enhance your operations.


    • Hotels & guest accommodation: Heated towel rails are an attainable luxury for basically any place of accommodation – even the smallest bed and breakfast unit. It’s because they’re so affordable and come in a variety of options. Large hotels and even hospitality chains can boast heated towels as a unique benefit to their hotel guests.


    • Health & Beauty Spas: Patrons of health and beauty spas go to these establishments to pamper and spoil themselves. It makes heated towel rails an excellent addition to any spa’s existing client offering.


    • Gyms & Fitness Centres: Gyms, studios or fitness centres (especially those that have a VIP member category) can add heated towel racks as an unexpected treat for members. After a tough physical workout, grabbing a warm towel after a shower is likely to be a well-received reward.


    • Residential Estates and Apartments: Heated towel racks would be a fantastic addition to any residential estate. It's especially true to those that are currently being developed. Regardless of the type of residential unit, it’s a great (yet cost-effective) selling point.


    • Sports Clubs: Heated towels are a well-deserved indulgence for sportspeople after a hard training session. Any sports club that has training and shower facilities should consider installing heated towel racks. It’s likely to result in team members feeling cared for.


    • Swimming Pool Facilities: Heated towel racks provide numerous benefits at any pool facility – whether private or public. They’re especially appreciated at swimming or water-sport clubs, as well as residential estates that have a pool on the property.


#1 Provider of Heated Towel Racks for Bathrooms

The Heating Company offers a wide range of heated towel racks to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of any business. These include both horizontal and vertical warming bars, as well as various sizes and styles to choose from. We offer great wholesale and trade packages for businesses that have multiple units that would benefit from the installation of heated towel racks. Contact us today if you think this is for you.

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