Are Panel Heaters Efficient For Your Home?


panel heater


Minimal design and the cost-effectiveness of installing a panel heater throughout your home are only some of the many advantages of this particular product. The functionality of the heater is fundamental to its design, though homeowners are not entirely convinced. The assumption that it won’t be as efficient in heat conduction is due to how compact it appears to be. However, panel heaters work the same as other convection heaters and should not be easily dismissed. Panel heaters can be a valuable addition when installed throughout your home, with a future cost-saving benefit too.

But what other benefits do these panel heaters have? And are panel heaters efficient for your home?


1. Panel Heaters Are Easy to Use

As panel heaters become more popular, the demand has allowed for the heater technology to be improved on to meet the needs of modern consumers better. Most brands and models are digitised for your convenience. They are available with remote control use and are set on timers. Not only is this convenient to use, but you can also control which rooms require higher heating, preparing them while you’re still at work so that you don’t waste electricity warming an empty room.

The Redwood Slimline Panel Heater promotes a user-friendly yet intelligent controls. The ultra-thin and portable heater comes with an electronic thermostat that features a 24-hour and weekly repetition setting. Made smarter, the LCD thermostat understands your needs as it offers 99% accuracy of the heat output. This means you'll have full and precise control of your room temperature to the level of your comfort.


panel heater


2. Heaters Can Work with Any Interior Design

The compactness of these heaters is a significant benefit to a design-conscious homeowner. Whereas other types of heating products may have to be decorated around or cost more to hide away, a panel heater can be mounted on a wall. Most brands on the market also have castors available for mobility from room to room. This is an excellent way to minimise clutter in a place as well. This makes it space-efficient in even the cosiest flat.

Modern panel heaters can easily catch your attention and the Redwood Panel Heater grabs the headline. The heater has an excellent way of minimising clutter in your space. It is space-efficient in even the cosiest flat due to its ultra-thin construction. The non-intrusive aluminum finish fits on any interior design. Plus, you'll have all the freedom where to set the heater as it comes with a wall-mounting kit and a set of castors.


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3. Panel Heaters Save On Your Energy Bill

Whereas conventional heating methods such as radiators and boilers are useful in maintaining temperatures across large areas, they take much longer to heat up and cool down. Panel heaters work quickly and reduce waiting times, which will decrease your energy costs during chillier months.

Conventional panel heaters rely on convection heating. On the other hand, micathermic heaters like the Redwood panel heaters use both convection and radiant heating. This unique way of heating is notably effective and energy-efficient. The heater is capable of providing near-immediate heat in just a minute or two. And once it detects the optimum temperature is achieved, automatic energy consumption adjustment is applied.


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Sizing, mobility, or design of a panel heater does not diminish its functionality and output. Part of the capabilities of installing them in your home is that they can be managed throughout your house with minimal effort. Setting a timer, you can easily control the temperature in a room for the entire day. This comes extremely useful for everyday use, as witnessed by our customers in Auckland, Queenstown, Tauranga, Hamilton and Christchurch.

Panel heaters are a great addition to your home heating system. And if you are searching for the best panel heater that's a bang for your buck, consider the Redwood Slimline Panel Heater. From its slim flawless design to its efficient and even heat distribution, it's a truly exceptional performer.