Do Ventilation Systems and Air Conditioning Units Spread Coronavirus?


covid 19 and ventilation


The global pandemic of the Coronavirus has been a very stressful time for all countries and societies around the world. As a result, we've witnessed a rising concern over safety, food, health and hygiene. Our worldwide health-care resources have been seriously challenged as unprecedented demands have grown rapidly. And with this shared crisis, every aspect of the welfare of our homes has had to be reevaluated. Specifically, how can we reduce the threat of COVID 19 and ventilation systems in our homes?


Innovative Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems

One of the Heating Company's key suppliers of quality products is the German company LUNOS. When it comes to innovative and energy-efficient ventilation systems, LUNOS is a market leader. LUNOS operates worldwide with 47 agencies and for over 60 outstanding years of service. Moreover, the well-spoken company provides a wide range of services including regulated ventilation and cost-effective fans.

The coronavirus pandemic raised concerns regarding the usage of ventilation and air conditioning units. In this regard, LUNOS, along with the associations BTGA, FGK, and RLT-Herstellerverband, published a 2-page white paper to give light on this complex matter.

Our up-to-date ventilation systems and air conditioning units already excel in providing safe and clean air. High-standard filters inside separate small particles and droplets from the incoming air supply. This filtration process always secures a healthy environment inside your house and building. As a result, filters suppress possible contamination and virus spread. This consequently reduces the risk of infection.


How the COVID-19 Virus is Transmitted

According to a news report the World Health Organization published, the novel coronavirus can be transmitted through respiratory droplets. In an analysis conducted by the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), revealed that out of 75,465 COVID-19 cases, airborne transmission was not reported.

Direct contact with the infected person transmits the COVID-19 virus. This happens through droplet transmission from someone who shows respiratory symptoms like sneezing or coughing. In addition, transmission may also come indirectly through fomites in the immediate environment of the coronavirus carrier.


Can Coronavirus Spread through Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

According to current evidence and studies, the Coronavirus cannot spread through ventilation and air conditioning systems. In short, this leaves the usage of HVAC systems completely safe and encouraged. The system's air filtration blocks droplets that could potentially carry the coronavirus. Exhaust air pipes operated through negative pressure, do not transport contaminated air into other areas of the building.

Download and discover the entire white paper of LUNOS' findings regarding COVID 19 and ventilation systems. Simply click the download link below (no forms required).

white paper


The Heating Company’s LUNOS Products

LUNOS heat recovery ventilation systems and extraction fans provide dry, mould-free, and healthy homes. Their international reputation guarantees satisfaction and their systems provide very low operating costs. The Heating Company has supplied LUNOS products for Kiwi homes for over 25 years now. Above all, we advise, design systems, consult with architects, engineers, developers, and the public. Check out our set of products.