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Digital Programmable Thermostat 10K

Digital Programmable Thermostat 10K

Product code: HWTH1

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

7 Day Digital Programmable Thermostat can operate on both room and floor temperature. Floor temperature offers the most economical method of operation and is therefore recommended.

For further information please see Product Description and Technical Specification below.



The thermostat offers both 7 day programming (the thermostat will do the same thing every day) and 5+2 day programming (the thermostat can have different programming on the weekends).  Alternatively you can program each day differently. 


  • Stylish design
  • User friendly
  • High quality
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Contact rated 16 Amp
  • 4 daily programmes
  • Disk battery that will provide programming back up when there is a power outage. The disk battery will last approximately 10 years
  • Manual mode/auto mode available
  • IP30







Adjustment (Press up /down button)




 Mode/Sensor Selection

This thermostat is a combination model which allwos you to

choose 3 different modes

  • A mode = Air Sensing Only (Has built in sensor)
  • AF mode = Air & Floor sensing
  • F mode = Floor sensing (floor probe installed)

A / AF / F



 Switching differential

The number of degrees difference before switching.

The default is 1 Deg. C which means the stat will switch the

heating on 0.5 Deg C below the set temperature and will turn it off

0.5 Deg C above the set temperature.

With a 2 Deg C differential the heating will switch on 1 Deg C below

the set temperature and will switch off 1 Deg C above the temperature.

1 Deg C - 5 Deg C



 Air Temp Calibration

This is to recalibrate the air temp if required

-5 DegC - +5 Deg C 



 Floor Temp Calibration

This is to recalibrate the floor temp if required

-5 DegC - +5 Deg C



 Temp Readout (AF Mode only)

This gives you the option to show the Air Temp,

floor Temp or to show both Air & Floor at intervals

A = Show Air Temperature

F = Show Floor Temperature

AF = Show Floor and Air Temperature in 5 sec intervals



 Maximum Floor Temp (AF Mode only)

This is to protect the floor surface

20 Deg C - 40 Deg C



 Temperature Format

This allows the temperature to be set to show Deg Celsius or Deg Fahrenheit

Deg C / Deg F



 Clock Format

You can select the clock to show in either 12 or 24 hour time 

12 / 24 



 Frost Protection

This is to avoid your room temp going below 5 Deg C

 On / Off

10 5+2 or 7 Day Mode

This allows you to program either 5 days at once, then

2 days of the weekend seperately, or a full 7 days at the same time

01 = 5+2 Day Programming

02 = 7 Day Programming