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Digital Programmable Thermostat 10K

Digital Programmable Thermostat 10K

Product code: HWTH1

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

7 Day Digital Programmable Thermostat can operate on both room and floor temperature. Floor temperature offers the most economical method of operation and is therefore recommended.



The thermostat offers both 7 day programming (the thermostat will do the same thing every day) and 5+2 day programming (the thermostat can have different programming on the weekends).  Alternatively you can program each day differently. 


  • Stylish design
  • User friendly
  • High quality
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Contact rated 16 Amp
  • 4 daily programmes
  • Disk battery that will provide programming back up when there is a power outage. The disk battery will last approximately 10 years
  • Manual mode/auto mode available
  • IP30







Adjustment (Press up /down button)




 Mode/Sensor Selection

This thermostat is a combination model which allwos you to

choose 3 different modes

  • A mode = Air Sensing Only (Has built in sensor)
  • AF mode = Air & Floor sensing
  • F mode = Floor sensing (floor probe installed)

A / AF / F



 Switching differential

The number of degrees difference before switching.

The default is 1 Deg. C which means the stat will switch the

heating on 0.5 Deg C below the set temperature and will turn it off

0.5 Deg C above the set temperature.

With a 2 Deg C differential the heating will switch on 1 Deg C below

the set temperature and will switch off 1 Deg C above the temperature.

1 Deg C - 5 Deg C



 Air Temp Calibration

This is to recalibrate the air temp if required

-5 DegC - +5 Deg C 



 Floor Temp Calibration

This is to recalibrate the floor temp if required

-5 DegC - +5 Deg C



 Temp Readout (AF Mode only)

This gives you the option to show the Air Temp,

floor Temp or to show both Air & Floor at intervals

A = Show Air Temperature

F = Show Floor Temperature

AF = Show Floor and Air Temperature in 5 sec intervals



 Maximum Floor Temp (AF Mode only)

This is to protect the floor surface

20 Deg C - 40 Deg C



 Temperature Format

This allows the temperature to be set to show Deg Celsius or Deg Fahrenheit

Deg C / Deg F



 Clock Format

You can select the clock to show in either 12 or 24 hour time 

12 / 24 



 Frost Protection

This is to avoid your room temp going below 5 Deg C

 On / Off

10 5+2 or 7 Day Mode

This allows you to program either 5 days at once, then

2 days of the weekend seperately, or a full 7 days at the same time

01 = 5+2 Day Programming

02 = 7 Day Programming