Factors To Consider When Selecting Ventilation Systems For Homes: A Buyer's Guide


ventilation systems for homes


Ventilation systems play a role in protecting your home from damp and mould and homeowners should carefully consider the product options available to ensure their homes are adequately ventilated. Choosing a ventilation system from the myriad of options available – from natural ventilation to extractor fans to centralised whole-house systems – can be overwhelming. To make your home a healthy environment to live in, here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right ventilation system for a more comfortable home.


Natural Ventilation

What kind of ventilation does your home currently have and is it sufficient? Perhaps one room is fine, but the other isn’t. It’s usually bathrooms and kitchens that are prone to ventilation issues. These areas often require additional help to get rid of excess moisture levels caused by the steam of cooking and bathing. Ventilation is useful where you can’t add more windows for natural ventilation.


Balancing Cost With Value

The cost of ventilation system will always be a top concern for homeowners, and while budget constraints should be considered, homeowners should also factor in the efficiency of the system. The risk of opting for a product just because it’s cheaper may mean costlier repairs down the line if the system fails to do its job properly. It could also result in a ventilator that can’t do its job under trying circumstances.


Noise Levels

Certain types of ventilation products can be noisy. This may present a problem depending on how often it’s switched on, as some products operate 24/7. If noise is a factor (such as if you have a baby in the home or have neighbours close by), you can opt for a quieter system.


Storage Space

Where will you keep the ventilation unit? It’s quite common for people to install products such as extractor fans above a room. If suitable space is not available (such as in an apartment) consulting with an expert installer may provide alternative solutions. You have to place the system properly for it to be effective.


Energy Efficiency of Ventilation Systems for Homes

For homeowners who want to improve energy efficiency, balanced whole-house ventilation with heat recovery is a good option. You’ll also want to make sure you aren’t dealing with drafts.


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