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Self Levelling Compound 20kg

Self Levelling Compound 20kg

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Quick Overview:

Hotwire self levelling compound is a one component polymer rich cementitious material which is mixed with clean potable water on site and used to create low shrinkage, strong flowing, self smoothing plaster. Hotwire self levelling compound can be easily applied over a variety of properly prepared concrete and masonry surfaces or under floor heating wires to produce a smooth level surface prior to the application of tiles, vinyl, carpet or other floor coverings.

For further information please see Product Description and Technical Specification below.




Hotwire self levelling compound can be applied in multiple layers with each layer being no more than 10mm thick or it can be economically extended with a graded aggreagate to fill greater depths. It is compatible with mosts commonly used adhesives and can normally receive floor coverings with 24 hours installation.


Application temperature: 5°C - 30°C

Service temperature range: -20°C to 60°C

Coverage: approximately 15 minutes @ 20°C

Walkable: approximately 4 hours @ 20°C

Ready for covering: approximately 24 hrs per 3mm thickness @ 20°C and @ 65% RH


Surface Preparation

All loose or damaged material must be removed by: water blasting, captive shot blasting or mechanical wire brushing and then vacuumed and repaired prior to being primed. All surface imperfections such as blowholes, large cracks and spalling must all be patched and levelled to required tolerances and smoothness.

All nibs, protrusions and excess mortar on the surface of the floor or other large irregularities in the slab that could affect the finished surface of the hotwire self levelling compound must be ground of prior to topping.

All surfaces to receive an application of Hotwire self levelling compound must be clean and free of debris, dirt and dust, efflorescence, grease, oils, curing agents, asphalt, mastic, latex, compounds, adhesives, gypsum based compounds, cleaning solutions, mould and algae or any other contaminants that may affect adhesion. Painted or glossy surfaces such as power floated concrete must be specially primed, acid etched or mechanically abraded prior to the application of any plaster material, please refer to The Heating Company for specialist advice before you proceed. All cracks that may be the subject of ongoing movement must be correctly repaired and reinforced. Deeply contaminated substrates must be abraded to provide a clean sound surface.

Surface Priming

Priming is crucial prior to the application of Hotwire self levelling compound. Failing to properly prime the floor will lead to reduced adhesion, reduced flow and greatly increase the incidence of pin holing in the finished product. Hotwire prepour primer should be applied directly from the container and should not be diluted. The primer can be applied either with a traditional paint brush, medium nap roller or broom and will cover approximately 15-20m2/litre. The approximate drying time of the primer is 40-60 minutes at 50% relative humidity and 20°C. Do not apply Hotwire self levelling compoound to surfaces that are wet from rain or overnight dew.

Safety Precautions

Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. Wash thoroughly after handling all wet or dry material. In case of eye contact, flush immediately with running water for at least 15 minutes. Consult a physician immediately. Do not take internally. The potential irritant nature of cement dust (in dry powder form of from subsequent cutting of the hardened product) is recognised. Paper dust masks or a respirator must be worn at all times when the product is being mixed. Be sure to provide adequate ventilation when working in enclosed areas. The wet compound is alkaline and prolonged skin contact should be avoided. People with sensitive skin must wear rubber gloves when handling the product. Materials Safety Data Sheets are available on request. 

Mixing Instructions

Hotwire self levelling compound should be mixed with a heavy duty electric drill with a high shear stirrer at approximately 600 r.p.m as it produces a much smoother mix and reduces the likelihood of unmixed lumps being left in the product. Concrete mixers or hand mixing are not suitable. 

Add 4.5 litres of clean potable water to a clean bucket and then while stirring slowly add the 20kg bag of Hotwire self levelling compound. The product should be mixed for a minimum of 2 minutes and long enough to provide a smooth lump free, flowable blend. If foaming and streakiness appear on the top of the mixed product, it has been over watered and should not be placed on the substrate. More powdered material maybe added immediately while the product is being mixed to achieve the proper consistency. Any Hotwire self levelling compound that has hardened or stiffened in the mixing bucket must be discarded. The addition of more water to this product will NOT reconstitude it into a useable material.

Low temperatures and high humidity will delay the setting process whereas high temperatures and low humidity will accelerate the setting. Over acceleration can lead to shrinkage cracking in the finished product. It is therefore highly recommended that in the middle of summer the product is applied when temperatures are at their coolest and the coldest water possible is used to mix with the product.

 Materials Application

On site application is beyond the control of The Heating Company. Therefore it cannot guarantee workmanship, supervision, aesthetic quality or the correct preparation and application of its products or the substrates to which its products may be applied.

Once the surface to be coated has been well primed and the whole area is clean and dry pouring can commence. As the product is poured move it into position with an appropriate spreader, rake, trowel or spiked roller and allow the material to seek its own level. If you are working by yourself try to mix enough material to cover the entire surface area to be coated. Alternatively, ensure more bags are being mixed by additional team member while the product is being poured. The potential for lapping lines will be greatly reduced if a continuous wet edge is maintained throughout the entire pour. To improve flow and the surface finish, remove air from the still wet compound using a spiked roller.


Hotwire self levelling compound can be applied from 1.5mm up to a maximum of 10mm in a single application. To ensure the product remains as free flowing as possible the minimum application thickness should be greater than 2mm.

When additional thickness is required, Hotwire self levelling compound may be layered up to 10mm thick without the addition of aggregate. Any subsequent layer may be applied directly over the surface as soon as it will support foot traffic or alternatively the self levelling compound should be left for a minimum of 48 hours to cure to allow the majority of the initial cure of the cement to take place before more product is placed over its surface. If more than 5 hours has past before the new material is applied the underlying surface of Hotwire self levelling compound must be reprimed. All uncured material can be removed with water. Mechanical removal will be required once the Hotwire self levelling compound has dried.


One 20kg bag will make approximately 0.0115m3 of pourable material and will cover approximately 

  • 6.5m2 at 2mm thickness
  • 4.3m2 at 3mm thickness
  • 3.2m2 at 4mm thickness
  • 2.4m2 at 6mm thickness


The curing time of Hotwire self levelling compound will vary due to ambient temperature, relative humidity, surface temperature, surface porosity, application methods and/or thickness of the material. All freshly applied material must be protected for a minimum of 24 hours after application. It is the responsibility of the applicator to determine if the product is cured and/or drying prior to applying any additional coats that may be required. Exposing the applied product to any inclement weather conditions, direct sunlight or sources of heat while it is curing may have a detrimental affect on the product. Hotwire self levelling compound contains cement and it will therefore not completely chemically cure for 28 days. It is therefore the subsequent subcontractor's responsibility to ensure the Hotwire self levelling compound has completely cured before applying any floor finishes or coverings. Under normal conditions a 5mm layer of Hotwire self levelling compound should be walkable after 4 hours and will be ready to receive floor coverings after 24 hours. For thickness between 5 and 10mm, allow a minimum of 48 hours to dry. Where the installation of the floor covering will be delayed for longer than 48 hours, the surface should be covered to provide temporary protection against surface damage and contamination.

As a general rule the finished surface is not dissimilar to traditional concrete. Therefore any adhesives that are used to bond subsequent floor coverings that are compatible with concrete will be compatible with the finished surface of the Hotwire self levelling compound. Strictly follow the floor covering adhesive manufacturer's instruction. 


Ensure all surface preparation and priming instructions are followed precisely. It should not be over-watered, over-mixed or re-mixed with additional water. Any material over 20 minutes old should be discarded and not used.


  • DO NOT apply Hotwire self levelling compound when the ambient or surface temperature is below 4ºC or above 30ºC or will be in that range for the 24 hour period after the application. Material that is allowed to freeze or material that dries to quickly may suffer irreparable damage
  • DO NOT apply Hotwire self levelling compound to areas that are subject to continuous wetting
  • DO NOT add any other materials to the self levelling compound  
  • DO NOT apply Hotwire self levelling compound unless the substrate has been properly cleaned, primed and prepared.