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In Concrete Heating

Hotwire In-Concrete Heating

For Coloured Concrete Finished Floors

There are two different options:

1. 30 Watts / Lm: when pouring "new" concrete foundations. Heating cable is tied to the reinforcing steel of the concrete foundation. This system is recommended for areas <80motherwise you should consider Hydronic Water Fed Heating.

If you have off peak power rates, you can build the heat up at that time, in the concrete foundation and release during the day. All ICH systems should have a floor probe sensor and have a minimum temperature set (say 16oC) so the mass foundation does not drop to cold. This will assist operational cost.

2. 17 Watts  / Lmthe smaller linear metre wattage allows the heating cable spacing to be closer and therefore can be laid onto an existing (or new) concrete foundation and then a separate 20-30mm coloured concrete overlay is applied.

Prior to laying the heating cable, InsulAte Mat is applied to the existing foundation that will isolate and insulate the heating within the new 20-30mm overlay, which will increase performance and operational costs.

This is more of an "On Demand" system opposed to using off peak power rates. Otherwise the same temperature sets are applied.