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Insulate Mat Insulation & Sound Guard


Insulate Mat Insulation & Sound Guard

Product code: INSULATE MATS

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Quick Overview:

InsulAte Insulation and Sound Barrier Mat can be used on a concrete foundation to increase Hotwire heating performance and help deaden sound or to replace slate and tile underlay on a wooden foundation (see flexibility requirements).

  • Increases Hotwire heating performance by 37%+

  • High 33% reductions in impact and sound

  • Cost effective and versatile

  • 5 times faster to install than compressed sheet

  • 20 times lighter than compressed sheet

  • Increases insulation values and performance by 35%+

  • Easy to cut

  • Peel and stick (no nails or screws required)

We recommend always priming the floor prior to laying the Insulate Mat.

For further information please see Product Description and Technical Specification below.



InsulAte has specially designed open cell EVA foam which allows the mortar to lock and bond to it. Creating a bonded crack prevention system that can occur with substrate floor movement. The mat is extremely durable and will withstand repeated stress. The mat will not shrink, absorb moisture or rot. The sound barrier proprietary foam technology offers high impact and sound reduction.

Areas of Use

  • Interior applications
  • Concrete, mortar beds and masonry
  • Wood substrates, gypsum underlayment (minimum 2000 PSI cured)
  • Exterior grade plywood or other compliant subfloor material
  • Exterior decks
  • Building Code Compliant and structurally sound flooring
  • With any clean and acceptable floor substrate or ground back and stable adhesive
  • Radiant heating systems

General Information

Peel&Stick AvailableYes
Weight0.378 kg/ per sheet
Coverage0.605 m2
Warranty10 Years


Physical Properties

Test Item

Test Condition

Test Results

Density 191.9 kg/m3
Water Absorption 0.047 g/cm3
25% Compressive Strength 3.36 kgf/cm2
Elongation Rate 94.8 %
Thermal Transmission PropertiesCNS 10487 (1988)0.0799 kcal/m/h)
R Value (Thermal Resistance) .1279
Compression Set Under Constant Deflection 10.2
Horizontal Burning Foamed Material Test Available by seperate table
Linear Dimensional Changes (MD) -0.14 %
Linear Dimensional Changes (CD) -0.22 %
Tensile Strength 19.2 kg/cm2


Under Tile Heating Performance Test @150 W/m2 (under test condition of 16oC)


No Insulation

Temperature Under Insulation

Tile Surface Temperature





15 mins


 16.5 23.5

30 mins




45 mins




60 mins




90 mins





Sound Insulation Test

Sound Insulation Test

Test Condition

Test Result

No Insulate Mat100 HzSound Transmission = 93 dB
with 3.4mm Insulate Mat100 HzSound Transmission = 33% Reduction @ 70dB


Adhesive Strength: Attached to Colour Steel

Test Item

 Test Condition


 Adhesive Strength ASTM D903 1.2 kg/cm3


Toxic Gas Test

Test Item


Test Condition




Test Results

Toxic Gas Test ASTM ABD0031 E662 - flaming 4min    
Test Value3010154217