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Under Tile Heating

Hotwire Under Tile Heating


The Heating Company pioneered Hotwire Under Tile Heating (UTH) in 1994 so you can be assured of quality products and or installation.

UTH provides comfortable warmth to the floor and room temperature whilst removing dampness. It is not expensive to install or operate (typical bathroom operating 4 hours per day = approx 20 cents per day).  There is nothing like walking into a warm bathroom or kitchen on those cold mornings and evenings. Reduces mould and cleaning. It is a "MUST" for your own quality living and home equity gain.

You can choose to have under tile heating installed in your home by one of our Registered Installation Agents or you may wish to install it yourself.

This system has been further improved by quality Controllers and InsulAte Mat that improves performance.

We recommend a Self Levelling Compound applied over the cable for protection and it provides a flat surface for your tiler.

Waterproofing can either go beneath the cable and Self Levelling Compound or on top of the cable and Self Levelling Compound.

We offer a spooled cable for the tradesmen and a DIY mat for the weekend warrior. For your convenience we have kits which include all the necessary adhesives, continuity monitor and of course detailed instructions. We have a comprehensive range of Thermostats to automate your heating.



Hotwire UTH has a 25 years manufacturer's warranty if installed by a certified THC Installer or a 10 years manufacturer warranty on DIY supplied product. Our controllers have a 2 year warranty.