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Hotwire Spooled Kit with Glass Touch Screen Thermostat

Hotwire Spooled Kit with Glass Touch Screen Thermostat

Product code: UTSKG0150

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Quick Overview:

Hotwire spooled cable kit includes fixing tape, glue, continuity monitor and the fully programmable Glass Touch Screen thermostat. Also included is our step by step instructions.

You can choose to have under tile heating installed in your home by one of our Registered Installation Agents and we can offer you a free quote. Please contact us if you wish to have more information.

For further information please see Product Description and Technical Specification below.

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There are two options:

  • Free spooling cable allows free hand laying and 100% coverage
  • DIY Mats for easier installation where the cable spacing is preset with a fixing mesh overlay

Approximate size calculation:

Calculate the "net" floor area to be heated (excluding fixed obstructions, vanity, toilet, shower etc)

  • <3m2 net area = 180watts/m2
  • >3m2 net area = 150watts/m2

Note: For larger areas you can come off the walls by say 500mm and reduce the total wattage load and still cover the majority of the floor. But please contact us if you need clarification.


Net floor area to be heated @3m2 x 180watts = 540watts. If you fall between sizes, always go up to the nearest cable size wattage.

Note: To work out your cable spacing is your net floor area multiply by 1000 and then divided by the cable length.

Kit contents:

InsulAte Peel and Stick 3mm Mat:

InsulAte mat increases the heating performance by 37%+ on concrete subfloors and reduces sound impact on wooden subfloors and it is so easy to install.

For concrete foundations, this is a "MUST" addition to greatly improve performance and operation costs. For wooden foundations it can replace slate and tile underlay.

Floor Primer should be used to prepare the floor for laying the heating cable.

Self levelling compound should be used to place a 4-5mm concrete cover the heating cable and total floor ready to be tiled over. This is optional depending on the tiler's requirements.


Approximate Operational Costs


SizeWattageCoverageCosts per day @ 6 hrs a dayCosts per month



300 - 400 1 - 3$0.40 - $0.53$12.00 - $17.00
500 - 6003 - 4$0.66 - $0.79$20.00 - $24.00
700 - 12004 - 8$0.93 - $1.59$28.00 - $48.00



800 - 10005 - 7.5$1.06 - $1.32$33.00 - $40.00
1000 - 12506 - 9$1.32 - $1.65$40.00 - $50.00
1500 - 175010 - 12$1.98 - $2.31$59.40 - $70.00



1500 - 200010 - 14$1.98 - $2.64$60.00 - $80.00
2000 - 250014 - 17$2.64 - $3.30$80.00 - $99.00
2500 - 300017 - 24$3.30 - $3.96$99.00 - $119.00


The above calculation is based @22 cents/klwt/hr. Assuming the heating is on for 6 hours per day (3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening). Costs per month have been calculated on a 30 day month.

Every 10C reduction in the temperature setting of your thermostat will results in a 5-8% reduction in power usage cost over 24 hours. The above calculation is approximate only and will vary depending on temperature set, operational hours and energy costs etc.