The Healthy Homes Initiative may Significantly Improve the Health of Kiwi Households


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The NZGBC recently shared positive news about the council's work to change homes from chilly and damp to warm and healthy.


The Government’s Healthy Homes Initiative

As part of NZ's Government housing programme, the Healthy Homes Initiative has funded over 100,000 interventions. The provisions include education, heating needs, beds and bedding, curtains, and housing relocation.

Recent discoveries reveal that government efforts significantly improved the health of the program's beneficiaries and dropped the hospitalisation rate by 20%.

According to Andrew Eagles, chief executive of the Green Building Council, "Lower hospitalisation rates, better school attendance, and higher rates of employment, just through a few basic improvements to make a home warmer, drier and better to live in. It’s a fantastic investment, and one we should be seeing a great deal more of."

Individuals might get ill as a result of poor housing circumstances, and by improving living conditions, people can become healthier while also reducing demand for the health system. 

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What's our say about the government's initiative?

A higher standard for New Zealand house design is essential because it will better Kiwis' health while costing the government less money. Mechanical heat recovery ventilation and modern electric heating systems are essential components of a healthy home. It is past time for New Zealanders to understand the physical and financial advantages of living in a healthy home.