Home Ventilation Systems NZ Cost for New Builds


Heather: We have Richard Adams from The Heating Company who specialises in mechanical heat recovery ventilation with us now. Hiya Richard.

Richard Adams: Hi Heather.

Heather: Now Richard, why should we consider heat recovery ventilation when building a new home?

Richard Adams: Yeah, well look new homes are very insulated and airtight, so you need to ventilate to remove all the trapped air, moisture, C02, other pollutants, and foul smells. Mechanical heat recovery ventilation swaps the dirty air for clean air. But it also retains approximately 90% of your home heating. If you're investing in a new build, it just doesn't make sense if you're not creating a dry and a healthy home.

Heather: Absolutely. So what's the cost?

Richard Adams: Well, it depends on the size of the build, but $5,000 through to $10,000 on the average build. So minimal, the investment payback is very quick. Daily running costs are less than a cup of tea.

Heather: They're really not expensive, given the cost of building a new home, right Richard?

Richard Adams: No, in fact, it's greatly reduced the need for heating and through the cost, and also has a function that pushes the hot air out of the home during the summer months. We have a number of heat recovery options, which include Lunos that sit in the wall cavity, which is extremely popular because no ceiling cavity is required, and you can select the individual vented zone. Great, for apartments and small builds.

Heather: That sounds worthwhile investigating.

Richard Adams: I highly recommend people do.

Heather: Richard, thank you very much. Appreciate it. If you want to know more, go to theheatingcompany.co.nz. That is theheatingcompany.co.nz.

The Heating Company's MHRV systems are doing an exceptional job of attaining 94% heat recovery efficiency. Our products are incorporated with the latest technology built-in high-standard materials. If you're about to explore ventilation options for your home, contact us now for a free assessment.