Importance of Heat Recovery Ventilation System for New Homes


Heather: Now we have Richard Adams from The Heating Company who specialise in mechanical heat recovery ventilation with me. Hiya Richard.

Richard: Hiya Heather.

Heather: Now Richard, why would people building a new home consider heat recovery ventilation?

Richard: Yeah. Well, new homes are very airtight, so you need to ventilate to remove the buildup of moisture, carbon monoxide, and all the other pollutants. It just doesn't make sense, if you invest in a new home build and you don't create a healthy living environment. Mechanical heat recovery ventilation swaps the dirty air for clean air, but it also retains up to 95% of the home heating. This provides a very dry home, mitigates your cleaning, protects your furnishing, minimises your home heating requirements, and saves a considerable amount of money on your power operation. So it's a wonderful option, and it also has a summer bypass, which pushes all the hot air out during summer, which cools the home. Now The Heating Company has a number of heat recovery options, including Lunos, a German system, that sits in the wall cavity, not the ceiling cavity.

Heather: So heat recovery ventilation is not what we've seen on TV, right?

Richard: No, no. They are positive pressure systems, which are very basic and limited, and not suitable for new homes. Our website explains all the differences.

Heather: Richard, thank you very much. And that website is

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