6 Bathroom Accessories You'll Definitely Want


Bathroom Accessories


There are so many products available on the market that are designed to make our lives easier, that it’s sometimes not easy to tell what’s worth it and what’s not. Whether it’s an automation device to open and close your living room curtains, a fridge with a TV screen or a heated towel rack, most Kiwi homes are evolving towards increased comfort. There’s one room, in particular, that’s getting attention in this regard – the bathroom. You’ve probably thought about it before, but there are many ways to make the average bathroom more user-friendly. Adding some value-packed bathroom accessories is a great start. We’ve collected some of our favourite ideas and listed them here for you to consider.


Bathroom Accessory #1: Chic Door Hooks For Hanging Your Clothes Up

Some people prefer to get undressed inside the bathroom before taking a bath or shower, but that messy pile of clothing and towels created is nobody’s friend. Install door hooks where you can hang your towels or bathrobes. This way, there’s no chance of anything falling over while getting ready.


Bathroom Accessory #2: Stylish Medicine Rack With Compartments

Most medicine racks are plain and boring looking. Try creatively enhancing them by adding a bold paint colour or bright pattern. Not only is it functional, but it adds aesthetic value too.


Bathroom Accessory #3: A Full-Length Mirror Attached To The Door

If you often get ready in your bathroom, a full-length mirror may be the addition you need. Just bring your clothes in with you and get dressed and groomed in no time.


Bathroom Accessory #4: A Compartmentalised Styling Kit

What if we told you that you could store your hair styling equipment and makeup neatly in the bathroom? All you have to do is shop around for a storage unit with designated sections for each item. This keeps everything within reach in a clean environment.


Bathroom Accessory #5: Mounted Candle Holders

Lighting is an important element of every bathroom. If you like low-lit, relaxing spaces, mounted candle holders will make candle-lit baths much safer and more convenient.


Bathroom Accessory #6: Heated Towel Rack

Nothing beats getting out of the shower or bathtub to a warm, dry towel. A heated towel rack means that the days of chilly post-bath towels are over. They look good and take up little space, so that’s a plus.

If a heated towel rack is right up your alley, the Heating Company can help you get one fitted in your bathroom. Contact us today for more information.