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Heated Towel Rails & Rack

If you’ve ever stepped out of a hot shower and wrapped yourself in a damp towel, you’ll understand that the ultimate in affordable bathroom luxury is, of course, a heated towel rail.

The Heating Company imports and distributes vertical heated towel rails in NZ that not only provide high performance, they also provide high fashion. A vertical heated towel rail or racks are the latest in bathroom décor fashion trends, offering stylish functionality while helping to save space in one of the smallest rooms in the house.

Simply hang your towel at the top of the vertical bar, enabling the rail to create an incubated, warming area around the inside of the towel. Automate it with the eco timer or dual controller to heat your rails only when you need them, saving on energy costs. For multiple towels, two units can be positioned side by side. And for ultimate bathroom luxury, invest in underfloor heating while you’re at it.

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