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Vertical Heated Towel Rails

Toasty Towels Every Time

We specialise in vertical "Space Saving" heated towel rails. Heated ladder towel rails have their place but they take up a lot of wall room and are expensive.

Towels don't need to be folded to dry, in fact they are better to be draped over a vertical heated bar, as this encases the warmth around the total towel (micro-climate) and dries from top to bottom quicker. Vertical rails are also considerably less expensive to operate as the unit wattage is less than ladders.

Efficient Heated Towel Rails

No one wants to use a damp cold towel, especially in winter. It's not a luxury to have a warm dry towel, it's a must.

The Heating Company's vertical rails now make this affordable and inexpensive to operate. Automated hour timers available with selected units or use our available Eco Timer units.

For multiple towels, two units can be positioned side by side.

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