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Mirror Demister

Mirror Demister

Product code: MD350

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Quick Overview:

A very affordable solution to simplify your morning routine and keep mirrors spotless with Hotwire Mirror Demisters.

  • Total peel back self-adhesive cover for ease of installation

  • Custom made ultra-thin cold tail for ease of installation

  • Self-regulating heating film

  • Superior mechanical strength and durability from the aluminium heating element

  • No risk of corrosion, leakage or product failure, due to all in one unit, with no lamination properties or conductors.

  • Hotwire Dual Controller can be used to control your Under Tile Heating and or your Mirror Demister and Heated Towel Rail.

Available in 350x350mm, 550x800mm, 430x500mm or 550x600mm

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It's no longer necessary to spend time wiping water away from your moisture laden mirror, leaving behind streaks that last until your next shower. Treat yourself to the luxury at minimum investment cost.

Turn on your bathroom light and within minutes distribute heat throughout the mirror's surface to prevent condensation from collecting and giving you a consistently clear reflection every time.

Hotwire Mirror Demisters sit directly behind your bathroom mirrors and are connected to a lighting circuit and with the flip of a light switch, mirror demisters NZ warm the glass to prevent fog from impeding your view.

Demister solutions work with any mirror size or shape. The Heating Company offers Hotwire brand demisters that can be used in multiples to cover even the largest surfaces. Typically you only need to cover a small percentage of your mirror size.