Most Efficient Heating Options for Homes in NZ


Heather: All right with me now, we have Richard from the Heating Company. Hiya Richard.

Richard: Hiya Heather.

Heather: Richard run us through what heating options for homes the heating company offers.

Richard: Okay. For starters, new builds don't need as much heating as you think, because they're so well insulated. But what you need to do is get your heating product combination right. We offer the latest technology and hotwire under tile heating for bathrooms and larger zones. Hotwire in concrete, storage, heating, radiant surface heating, ceiling heating panels, under carpet heating for bedrooms and utility rooms and a very high quality wall panel heater. These systems compliment an open living, which typically uses fireplaces, heat pumps, et cetera.

Heather: What about heat recovery ventilation?

Richard: Well, heat recovery ventilation should be put in place before heating, seriously. Otherwise during winter, you will be breathing in polluted air unless you open your windows, but then you lose all your paid for heat. Now heat recovery ventilation swaps the dirty air for clean air, but it also retains up to 90% of the heat in your home. Your home stays dry and healthy. Your overall heating investment will be less. It also has a summer function that pushes all the hot air out of your home. The investment is for $5,000 through to $10,000. Daily running costs are less than a cup of tea.

Heather: That sounds great.

Richard: Yep. Contact us now. We have a free consultation or quotation.

Heather: Go to the

If you're thinking about warming up your space, you’ll have experienced the dilemma of choosing among heating options for homes to install or implement. Simply contact us now. We have a free consultation or quotation and we’ll happily recommend the best solution for your specific and unique requirements.