Choosing the Best Heating Options for New Homes


Heather: Right now I'm talking to Richard from The Heating Company. Hiya Richard.

Richard: Hiya Heather.

Heather: Richard, how do people decide what type of heating they should use in the new home?

Richard: Your choices should be based on your budget, your design, lifestyle, and your floor type. But new builds are well insulated, and they don't need as much heating as you think you do. Your investment can be moderate, but your product combination needs to be right. Now small homes and apartments may only need a two kilowatt panel heater and say under tile heating in their bathrooms. Larger new homes, with open plan living, typically you put in a fireplace or heat pump, and then it's just a matter of product selection for your other rooms. Now under tile heating for bathrooms is not expensive, panel heating or radiant heating for your other rooms. But I do recommend any heating should be programmable to suit the room when it's used.

Heather: Okay, and you keep mentioning the importance of a heat recovery ventilation.

Richard: Yeah. Well, heat recovery ventilation should come before heating. Presently we are reminded every day about being clean or keeping clean, and this starts with a healthy home. Heat recovery ventilation removes all the polluted, dirty, and moisture-laden air, and replaces it with clean, dry air, but it retains the paid for heating in your home. The investment is small and it should be a priority.

Heather: Fantastic Richard. Thank you so much. If you want to get in contact, go to

New homes are getting much better with airtight rooms but have a greater risk of mould and indoor pollution. Heat Recovery Ventilation easily solves this concern. At The Heating Company, we provide help for your home ventilation system design. The best thing, we are just one click away. Contact us for a free quotation.