NexGen Far Infrared Electric Heating

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Low Voltage Ceiling & Wall Heating Graphite Film

British design, globally award-winning, patented technology provides exponential reductions in energy usage and CO2 footprint.

The low voltage (safe) film has high space coverage providing even warmth, and Significant Operational Savings compared to a Heat Pump. The quality of Radiant heat is superior to heat pump Convection. Convection moves air causing stratification which creates drafts and uneven heat.

Award Winning Sustainable Radiant Heaters

Optimum Temperature

We believe in bringing you not just warmth, but the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency.

When it comes to optimum temperature, we first need to understand how your body interacts with heat. Unlike conventional heating systems that warm the air, infrared technology directly warms people and objects in its path. This means that the ideal temperature for comfort is slightly lower than what you may be used to with traditional heating systems. The infra-red heat creates a cosy sensation by gently warming your body, much like the sun's rays. It’s not just the number on the thermostat, it’s about how comfortable you actually feel.

Infra-red’s ideal ambient temperature is usually around 18-19 degrees Celsius, to create this same warmth, conventional heaters would need to be set at a higher thermostat – typically 20-21 degrees. Therefore NexGen reduces the energy consumption required, resulting in lowering bills and a lighter environmental footprint.

Carbon Engineering

Our innovative wallpaper is designed with efficiency in mind, by consuming less energy we inherently reduce carbon emissions. In addition, by pairing with renewable energy sources such as Solar PV and battery storage the heating system utilises the clean energy it generates.

Our carbon engineering philosophy focuses on minimising the carbon impact of the everyday necessity of heating.

Damp & Mould

Temperature & Humidity sensing in every room enables our smart technology to respond if the surface moisture to forming.

The IR technology syncs into the building fabric and structure, pulling out the embedded damp, mobilising it in the air ready to be extracted via open windows or for best results, pair with ventilation or a de-humidifier.

In severe cases we can apply NexGen panels to walls and ceilings to directly target damp, this significantly speeds up the removal of moisture.

Health Benefits

We understand that your well being is as important as staying warm and comfortable. As humans, we are naturally good at absorbing infra-red rays – think of the heat you feel from the sun on a warm day. The infra-red rays, heat humans first then objects and does not circulate air, therefore NexGen is superb for reducing allergy symptoms. The infra-red rays generated by the technology are safe to touch and do not circulate or disrupt air, dust and or allergy particles found in room.

The health industry include infra-red in many treatment plans to aid pain relief and reduce inflammation, boost immune systems and improve blood circulation.

Creating Healthy and Quality Warmth

NexGen 'stores' warmth in solid objects such as your ceilings, floor, masonry, and furnishings. This warmth retention makes for very cost effective commonly termed Coefficient Of Performance (COP). Wikipedia quotes a Heatpimp COP but Nexgen is superior. Since there is no convection air being circulated the warmth is even and clean. Your masonry, walls, ceilings, etc. will stay dry while mitigating mould or mildew. Healthy, quality warmth is now affordable and cost-effective

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