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Correct Ventilation for a Dry and Healthy Home

The ventilation landscape, and predominantly heat recovery ventilation in New Zealand, is changing at a rapid rate due to governmental organisations and private bodies looking at better ways in providing dry, healthy and liveable homes.

Homes, by default are being built better, due to improved building materials, standards and methods. Controlling air movement is a key step towards achieving comfort, energy efficiency and the buildings durability.

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation

In basic terms the purpose of MHRV systems (mechanical heat recovery ventilation) is to deliver fresh air to a home’s interior, removing excess moisture and retaining around 80% to 90% of the heat within the home. MHRV systems are not space-heating devices, heat-delivery devices or range hood extracts.

This operates as a balanced continuous air flow system. Fresh filtered air is delivered to the living room and bedrooms, while the stale air is removed from bathrooms, laundry rooms, and sometimes the kitchen. Therefore, this replaces the need for standard extraction fans in wet areas.

So why use mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems?

Let fresh air in without the noise pollution, dirt & dust from outside.

Ensure safe and healthy indoor air quality -low CO2.

24 hour fresh, filtered and conditioned air with no stuffiness.

Low energy motors cost little to run (EC motors).

Mechanical ventilation systems are easy to install & maintain with fully automatic or user-friendly controls.

Not allowing your house to trap toxic gases from cleaning chemicals and off-gas/VOC.

To prevent moisture damage to a house, lower humidity levels are always preferable to higher humidity levels. In other words, dry is always better than damp.

Automatic Summer bypass, stops the preheating of incoming air to keep your home cool.

Allowing home owners to keep their windows closed due to weather conditions- temperature and wind, safety, insects and pollen etc.

Key Factors That Provide Improved Performance

  • Space heating especially in bedrooms add to the overall thermal comfort of a home and go hand in hand with a dedicated MHRV system.
  • Insulating the ducting to high R values when outside the building envelope.
  • Individual air flow design and on-site commissioning, which includes balancing for centralised units.
  • Air-tightness to the buildings.
  • Installation procedures and detailed quality assurance.

As heating and ventilation are synonymous with each other, we are not only in a unique position to specify heating options, where operational savings create an investment benefit, but also design and specify MHRV systems, with offerings which include decentralised as well as centralised systems, all from Europe.

LUNOS decentralised units offer a range for homes and apartments which have limited roof cavity. The e2 60 and eGO units sit in the external wall and work as a push-pull system with moisture sensors. The NEXXT are individual units for larger spaces. SILVENTO extraction fan have intelligent controls, like humidity or CO2 sensors.

ALNOR, BROOKVENT and LUNOS systems include centralised units for 80m2 to 500m2 homes, where space for ducting is possible.

For complete software flow design with marked-up floor plans including supply and install costings, or just simple advice, please do not hesitate in contacting us at THE HEATING COMPANY.

Centralised or Decentralised?

Decentralised Ventilation System

A decentralised ventilation system for homes such as The Heating Company’s Lunos decentralised heat recovery system is ductless, so it’s easy to install and perfect for retrofitting or for buildings that don’t have room to install a centralised ducting system.

Centralised Ventilation System

For a new build or an existing home with lots of ceiling or floor space, the ducted Brookvent centralised HRV system is a great option. For help with home ventilation system design, contact The Heating Company team today.

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The art to getting a warm room in the morning with the unit is to give the heater at least an hour before using the shower - this works! We reset the controller to start 30 minutes earlier than before and we find the room is now nicely warmed when needed in the morning.

Martin & Denise Coles
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