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Brookvent Centralised Heat Recovery

High Performance Centralised Heat Recovery

Brookvent is a centralised ducted system where the main unit is positioned in the ceiling space or pre-designed cupboard using rigid insulated ducting. In New Zealand, the ducting is installed outside the insulation envelope which means it needs to be insulated and preferably rigid to remove moisture migration.

Brookvent HRV Systems

Brookvent paved the way for the current passive home ventilation systems adopted in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company’s innovative concealed trickle design which featured in its first product range has become an industry standard and a favourite with Registered Social Landlords (RSL's). Brookvent was also one of the first companies to begin manufacturing and installing Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV Systems) in the UK and Ireland.

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We have the larger Brookvent 3.1 unit as the house is around 200 sqm. We have found it to be great. We only noticed the sound for the first 24 hours and we don't need to adjust any controls - it's just set and forget.

AJ Weir
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