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Next-Generation Ventilation

Functional solution to eradicate foul aromas and moisture from our homes, we no longer need to rely on opening windows (thereby allowing disruptive noise to come in) or noisy ventilation systems that dry the rooms out too much. The Lunos Silvento is the next-generation air ventilation and moisture management solution, ideal for bathrooms, laundries and other areas that require improved moisture control or heat ventilation.

Optimized for Better Performance

The day to day noise clutter forces us to find some type of solitude in our spaces within our homes. This is why the motors of Silvento have been optimized. The geometries of the impeller and air-treated components redesigned based on experimental studies are greatly improved. The result is one of the most silent fans in the world. All Silvento excel on account of their minimal operating noise.

The Silvento counteracts increasing energy costs and rising pollution of the environment. The fans are typified by extremely low power consumption since power input has been considerably reduced as a result of EC engineering. It operates very efficiently and can be set with lower volume flows - either with intermittent or continuous or both.

Award Winning

The Silvento ec exhaust fan from Lunos is an innovation and has picked up awards, which also scores with its design, high quality, functionality, ease of use and ecology. Based on this functional, user-friendly choice, the Silvento ec is suitable for different needs and mounting requirements. It also features an attractive design: the slim, white look with the detached lines. The fans are suitable for installation in moist subfloor areas for underfloor ventilation. The unit will automatically sense when the humidity levels increase and ramp up airflow automatically.

Advanced Control Board Options

You can select between two different technical modules to control your Silvento ec:

Basic Module

Has eight ventilation stages between 15 to 90 m3/h (25l/sec) They combine to offer delay time, interval switching and a time lag.

Comfort Module

Humidity and temperature sensors, thereby allowing a more sophisticated, individual humidity control. It can adjust the exhaust airflow level, more precisely to the conditions of the indoor environment. In addition, it has the same functions of the basic module.

Both modules have dip switch settings for a range of continuous airflow rates, which can work in conjunction with on-demand or humidity functionality. Motion module activates all functions via a radar-based motion detector.

extract ventilation

The options on install range from new builds 'V' series- pre-wire box, for ceiling or wall. Retrofit market 'KL' series- clip in version and also a Surface type unit.

The LUNOS Silvento housing has a stylish, classical and elegant appearance. Slim, compact and plain, it ideally fits into modern environments. The uniqueness is proven in small details, whereby all fans are fitted with a rubber non-return damper with a washable filter. For airtight homes, the Silvento can be wired or coupled to the LUNOS Nexxt unit, so as to provide a balanced airflow system.

The Silvento has a diagnostic interface that offers restricted access to the firmware and enables advanced configuration and calibration. It also enables you to create a comprehensive diagnosis and problem solution on site.

The Silvento needs to be seen to be believed.

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