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Lunos Heat Recovery Ventilation

Lunos is a German company which has enjoyed an outstanding international reputation for more than 56 years as a manufacturer of innovative and energy-efficient ventilation systems. The Heating Company has formed a partnership with Lunos to provide innovative decentralised heat recovery ventilation to the New Zealand market.

The core competence of Lunos lies in regulated ventilation in the home. Lunos ventilation systems generate clean and hygienic ventilation of all rooms in the home and ensure dry, mould-free walls. These systems also provide considerable savings in heating costs, combined with low upfront cost and ongoing operating costs, plus of course quality and safety.


  • No roof space required
  • No ducting
  • Single or multiple room investment
  • More compact than other ventilation systems
  • More versatile than a centralised system
  • Better comfort control
  • Self-governing system; once it’s set up, no adjustment needed in normal operation
  • Very low maintenance: just clean the filters and ceramic block regularly
  • Very low running cost (less than 1 cent per day per fan)
  • Less movement of condensation through the house
  • Individual system designed to your footprint
  • System can be modified at later time as your lifestyle changes
  • Summer bypass option as a standard fitting
  • Safe low voltage system 12-volt DC
  • Three types of units available:
    • Single fan e2 which works in pairs and covers 35m2/pair for living areas
    • Twin fan eGo which works independently and covers 40m2 area for rooms generating moisture
    • Nexxt through-wall unit that covers larger <100m2 areas with max 100m3/hr
  • Our house has a mix of e2 units, eGo units, and a Nexxt unit. As our building envelope is airtight, exchanging air in a smart fashion is crucial to maintaining good air quality. Perhaps the greatest testimonial comes from visitors, who go out of their way to mention how pleasant our indoor environment is. Cheers!


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