Top 3 Benefits of Under Tile Heating


under tile heating


Under tile heating systems has successfully overtaken conventional radiator systems in the market. By becoming the more functional heating solution that can completely transform one’s home. It's achieved without the hassle of unsightly radiators protruding out. UTH systems are discreetly situated, space-efficient and can be more optimal than other options available to install in your home. The Heating Company has compiled a useful guide to underfloor heating to explain the major benefits of the system.

While installation can often seem daunting to a homeowner, it is a worthy investment to consider as it is a system that will work well into your future with minimal maintenance. But the added benefits do not stop there; here are our top 3 benefits of a UTH system installation.


Increased Energy Efficiency

Regardless of the heating solution you currently have fitted in your home, an important factor of installation is the energy efficiency and savings that one can enjoy. UTH floors are highly energy efficient because of how quickly they heat up and how long they tend to maintain that level of heat. This can save you from those unexpected energy bills in colder months as well as provide consistent heating.


Suitable For Open Plan Living

Modern homes all have open plan living connecting several rooms without the obstruction of walls and doors. It’s a popular choice in construction these days to encourage the free flow of a home without feeling constricted. And UTH can fit in well with these types of plans because it is under the floor without sticking out randomly and taking up needed space. It also is beneficial to those who value a sleek and minimal home.


Health-Conscious Flooring

With fluctuating temperatures provided by a radiator or older types of heating, floors can become unhygienic. They build up bacteria and dust making your floors unhealthy. Traditional heating can sometimes stimulate the growth of these health hazards, but under tile heating systems can be useful in keeping your floors relatively safe. That’s because floors are too warm for bacteria to breed, as it becomes a dry and unsuitable environment.

These benefits can have advantageous long-term effects for you and your family, as well as your property. Not only will UTH decrease your expenditure on energy and protect your loved ones, but it will also increase the value of your home substantially to prospective buyers. At The Heating Company, we provide comprehensive installation of UTH – Under Tile Heating Systems, servicing and maintenance of heating systems across NZ – Auckland, Queenstown, Tauranga, Hamilton, Christchurch and other cities. To schedule a consultation with us to help you develop your heating plan – speak to us today.