Types Of Home Ventilation Systems


types of ventilation systems


How well ventilated is your home? Now, this may not be a question that’s at the top of your mind. However, a poorly ventilated home can result in several negative consequences, including posing a severe health risk to you and your family. To get a better idea of what ventilation category your home is in, here’s a summary of the three types of home ventilation systems. Which category does your home fall under?


Unregulated Ventilation

This refers to homes that have no planned or structured home ventilation at all. Ventilation is limited to the uncontrolled movement of air through doors and windows (when they are open), and other existing gaps that a draught may get through. The result could be completely inadequate ventilation that creates an unhealthy indoor environment due to the build-up of dust, mould, airborne viral elements and more. The other extreme is too much ventilation, resulting in a very draughty and cold house with an influx of pollen, vehicle fumes and other pollutants.


Semi-regulated Ventilation

This refers to homes that have some ventilation outlet built into the structure, stand-alone appliances that impact ventilation in some way, or a combination of both. Both traditional building air-vents and window trickle vents offer very little ventilation regulation, and in older buildings, none at all. Extractor fans are also common and come in different forms. These include extractor units installed above your stove or cooking appliances, timed extractor fans, light-switch activated bathroom extractor fans and even humidity-sensitive extractor fans. These aren’t effective enough to cater to the complete ventilation needs of a home on their own. They’re generally only in use for limited periods, and only extract air from inside the home without facilitating the movement of purified air from the outside.


Professional Home Ventilation

A home ventilation system installed by a ventilation specialist is the only way to ensure your home has the proper ventilation required for healthy living. A professional home ventilation system can provide complete regulation of air entering and exiting your home. It removes stale and impure air from your home (including unpleasant odours) and makes sure that all air coming in is purified completely and at the correct temperature.


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