NZ Building Experts Advise Compulsory Ventilation Systems


improve indoor air quality


1News recently published news regarding building specialists advocating for ventilation systems to be required in all new residences to combat Covid-19 and other airborne infections. Read more here.



The Covid-19 outbreak has raised a lot of awareness and research about ventilation. Results of the 200 tests conducted by the Building Research Association showed that better ventilations improve indoor air quality by lowering the quantity of carbon dioxide and other pollutants in rooms. On the flip side, unventilated rooms with multiple occupants cause the concentration of carbon dioxide to rapidly rise.


What's our say on how to improve indoor air quality?

New Zealand home design must evolve to a healthier standard, which will eventually benefit Kiwi health while saving the government money. Improving ventilation and heating standards are critical components. This is accomplished at a low cost by utilising Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation and modern electric heating systems. It's past time for Kiwis to realise the health and economic benefits of living in a healthy home.