Infrared Heaters

Healthy Heating Solution

For safe, economical and healthy heating, infrared ceiling heating panels could be the answer. Infrared heaters are ideal for bedrooms, hallways, utility rooms, apartments and draughty open areas, infrared ceiling mounted heating panels offer targeted heating that keeps rooms warmer for longer while keeping power bills low.

Safest Heating Technology

Radiance Far Infrared Reaching (FIR) is the most environmentally-friendly heating technology available. It works in the same way as the sun and produces a safe and selective heat that passes directly through moisture-laden air, resulting in an extremely quick heating time. Ceiling radiant heating panels target objects and mass, not air, with radiant heat which increases the efficiency of heating in your home and provides a longer, more stable ambient temperature, contributing to lower power costs.

Not Just for Homes

Infrared heaters aren’t just suitable for homes; they’re also ideal for hot yoga studios and spaces that require drop ceiling heating panels. Because their heat is hyper-targeted, these heating panels allow the human body to absorb more than 99% of the heat that’s emitted, providing exceptional deep tissue penetration and detoxification. Fast warm-up times, system efficiency and limited impact on humidity levels also make Radiance FIY technology the ideal heating solution for hot yoga studios.

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Regarding the Infrared Ceiling Heaters in the bedroom, kitchen and dining room, your installers were fantastic and the heaters are great. Thanks.

Trina Saffioti
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