The Heated Towel Rail Is A Great Investment


heated towel rail


Choosing to install a heated towel rail may seem like just another additional expense that is not entirely necessary for your home.  Often used in gyms, hospitals and hotels, heated towel rails are a practical feature to have in most environments. To some though, they are considered more of a “nice-to-have” rather than a “need-to-have”. Therefore, it is easy to question whether there’s a need for one in your bathroom.

On the one hand, the primary purpose of heated towel rails is to conduct heat to dry towels. And on the other, to create a warm, ambient atmosphere in your bathroom. With varying dimensions, these are no longer outdated designed radiators that make a bathroom feel older or tackier than it is. Newer contemporary heated towel rail NZ models are available in horizontal and vertical options. Modern rails can save up space - this allows homeowners to make the best design choice for their bathroom.   Models come in a variety of designs, with black or stainless-steel options available.

Although the design does play a pivotal part when it comes to home installations, the added benefits and features of this product are quite significant. Here are some of the critical benefits of installing one in your home.


A Cleaner And More Sanitary Bathroom

Not only are heated towel rails aesthetically enhancing, but they also help with keeping bathrooms neater. It's because towels can be hanged up rather than strewn across the bathroom. An added benefit is that they are a hygienic investment too. Wet towels can lead to bacteria and a microbe outbreak. The heat radiated from these rails can quickly dry up towels to avoid this. Bacteria and microbes can lead to fungal infections affecting your physical health and can even lead to mould growing on wet surfaces.


A Water-Wise Bathroom

People who do not hang their towels up and leave them lying around are more likely to keep throwing them in the wash. A heated towel rail will encourage reusing dry bath towels, saving you on regular washing. With a heated towel rail, you can save water and still have the luxury of warm, fluffy and dry towels. They are both energy efficient and a cost-effective measure for homeowners.


A Versatile Addition To Your Bathroom

Sometimes we forget to hang our laundry, or it has not been appropriately air-dried. Using a heated towel rail NZ in these instances is advantageous. Wet garments can have a less than pleasant odour and take longer to dry without a tumble dryer, especially after the sun sets. A heated towel rail can accommodate small clothing items and have them dried up in no time.

These modern radiators are useful items to install as they can increase the value of your home. They also got a stylish feature. At The Heating Company, we can provide support for your individual needs by suggesting what size or heat level is appropriate for your home. We make sure as well that all the finishes complement your current bathroom. At The Heating Company, we dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with the best quality heated towel rails for NZ homes. Call us today.