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Lunos Decentralised Ventilation

Lunos Decentralised Ventilation

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Quick Overview:

Lunos MHRV is German designed and manufactured and leads the world De-Centralised Ventilation.

Lunos sits in the wall cavity and utilises a storage stone located in the middle of the airflow that extracts energy (heat) from the outgoing polluted air and returns 85%+ of the energy back into the home.

 How Lunos Works:

The Lunos design is simple. For the system to work, you need "airflow" within one room or the total home. To achieve this, fans need to be positioned on the outside wall cavities at opposite or adjacent walls of the room or house.

Note: The typical space under your doors requires a minimum 10mm gap or "through wall vents" to provide adequate airflow between rooms.

Three Types of Lunos Units:

  • Single fan e2 which work in pairs and covers 35m2/pair (non wet rooms)

  • Twin fan eGo which work together and covers 40m2 areas with max 100m3/hr

  • Nexxt through-wall unit that covers larger <100m2 areas with max 100m3/hr




The eGo twin fan unit is ideal for small apartments and wet rooms. The twin fans in the wet rooms stop the unnecessary drawing of damp air through the rest of the house. The number of each unit types required depends on the house/apartment footprint and the type of controls required. Wet rooms with no external walls require a different type of extraction fan to create an MHRV/extraction hybrid system and will require our design assistance. 

Below picture shows an example of a small house combining e2's and eGo's. The idea is to achieve airflow through the home relative to the size. Remember e2's need to be used in pairs but bedrooms will only need one unit. 

Lunos provides more than just a pleasant living climate

Our main competence is focused on demand-driven residential ventilation. Lunos ventilation systems generate ideal, clean and hygienic ventilation of all rooms, ensuring dry walls free of condensation and mould. In addition, the system provides considerable heating operational savings and cost effective investment and running costs.

Controlled Ventilation with e2


Highly efficient motors with state of the art electric technology in combination with mechanical flow, reworked and especially balanced fans have almost eliminated the known ventilation noises. With a total of 16dB (A)* in level 1, 19.5dB (A)* at level 2 and 26dB (A)* at level 3 (each 17, 32 or resp 38m3/h volume throughput) the fans are well below the required values of DIN for living and sleeping rooms. As comparison: 3dB decrease stands for 50% less sound intensity. A ventilator that just complies with this standard is therefore 16 times as loud. Once again new standards set where noise levels matter.

Environmentally Friendly

With a specific fan power of 0.09W/m3/h, the e2 is the second to none in matters of energy efficiency and thus contributes actively to environmental protection and at the same time spares your purse. The requirements of the current DIn 1946-6 for devices of the efficiency class E are undercut by far which clearly underline the world class of the device.


The e2 operates according to the known principle of regenerative heat exchange which has almost been developed to perfection by Lunos. The so-called AcuVent storage stone is located in the middle of the airflow of an electric motor with axial fan. By a reversing airflow, which results from the targetedc change of direction of the fan, the ceramics are changed with heat energy that is offloaded into the room air and discharged again to the air added from outdoors. This is carried out so effectively that a mere 10-15% of the heating energy is lost by the ventilation. Efficient filters are just as important. Allergy patients can take a deep breath, pollen and airborne particles can no longer enter the living areas.


The e2 is the smallest ventilation device in the world. With the help of state of the art manufacturing processes it has been possible to develop a compact heat exchanger from a ceramic composite material which supplies a thermal efficiency factor of approximate 90.6%. The combination with highly efficient electric motors and an intelligent control has made it possible for Lunos to develop one of the most economical ventilators.

Full Heat Recovery Ventilation

Combining the e2, eGo and Nexxt you can achieve the optimum heat recovery ventilation system. On account of the De-Centralised concept and individual fans the units can be installed exactly where they are required. e2 fans are used in living and sleeping areas, the units always operating in pairs. Wet rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens are ventilated via the eGo or Lunos Silvento Extraction (Hybrid System). The eGo incorporates two "small" fans in the unit thus providing supply and exhaust air with heat recovery. This does not replace kitchen extraction. We recommend kitchen extraction by recirculation.


e2 Technical Data:


Degree of efficiency                                                                                              



Flow Rate

18 / 31 / 38 m³/h



Power Consumption per unit

from 1 W – up to 2 cents per day per unit


Specific power consumption

0.08 W/m³/h


Measuring surface sound pressure level

16.5 / 19.5 / 26 dB


Wall thickness

Up to 200mm (use cowling Box 165mm sq)



200 to 500mm (use tube Ø160mm)



eGo Technical Data:


Degree of efficiency                                                                                              

Up to 87.70%


Flow Rate

5 / 10  / 20 / 45 m³/h



Power Consumption per unit

from 1 W – up to 2 cents per day per unit


Specific power consumption

0.2 W/m³/h


Measuring surface sound pressure level

16.8 / 24 / 38.1 dB


Wall thickness

Up to 230mm (use cowling Box 165mm sq)



230 to 500mm (use tube Ø160mm)