Popular Misconceptions About Ventilation Systems In NZ


ventilation systems


If you’re a homeowner or building manager, plenty of responsibility falls on your shoulders. One of the many tasks included in your list of responsibilities is managing the ventilation and temperature control of the building. How much of what you know about heat recovery ventilation is fact and how much is fiction? We’ve demystified the most common misconceptions surrounding ventilation systems to help treat yours properly.

  1. There’s a Universal Number of Vents Required for Buildings

There’s no golden formula you can use to determine the number of vents a property will need. There are many factors to consider and every home, and business property is unique. The way yours is designed and used is what will determine how many vents it requires.

  1. More Vents are Equal to Better Ventilation

Having more vents in one building doesn’t necessarily translate to more effective or improved ventilation. It all depends on the unique factors we mentioned in the previous paragraph. An experienced ventilation business such as the Heating Company can conduct a thorough assessment to determine how many vents you need to have installed.

  1. You Don’t Have to Clean Out Your Ventilation

Maintenance for your ventilation system doesn’t have to be a headache, but that doesn’t mean it should be non-existent either. Schedule a professional clean at least once a year to make sure that all who live or work on your property enjoy good air quality free of dust, allergens or spores.

  1. Centralised or Decentralised? That is the Question

Whether you go for a centralised or decentralised system will hinge on many things. If you’re building from scratch, you can make room for a centralised ventilation system in the plans; however, if your home or business is already up or you’re planning to build something small, you can opt for a decentralised ventilation system to save space.

  1. A Ventilation System Recycles Stale Air Throughout the Building

This is simply untrue. Ventilation systems are designed to integrate fresh air from outside into the building for improved air quality and temperature control efficiency.

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