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Your heating and ventilation choice should be based on Budget, Design, Construction Type and Lifestyle.

Most 'modern' homes have a tight insulation envelope, including double glazing and open plan living accommodating the use of solar gain. Therefore we don't need as much heating as we once did, but we do need to consider ventilation to exchange polluted air with fresh air.

Older dwellings with 'natural' ventilation will require a higher degree of heating and 'Radiant' heating would be recommended over Convection heating, as well as air exchange to reduce mould build up.

We believe in mixing and matching product types, opposed to a whole home heating solution, to achieve the correct ambiance within an affordable budget. Utilising automated independent zone operation, as required per zone, with the ability to adjust to our erratic weather conditions, therefore providing affordable operation and comfort.

Living areas and bedrooms need to be looked at and treated separately. One needs to consider flooring types (i.e. heating under tiled floors) and lifestyle and when rooms will be used. Most households are busy!


We offer you:

Automatically controlled floor heating for hard floor areas such as tiled bathrooms and kitchens.

Patented Radiant Ceiling Heating which is the cleanest form of heating available for bedrooms, auxiliary rooms or living areas, including wet areas.

The Quality Slim Line wall mounted/free standing Panel Heaters with automated control.

"Heat Recovery" Ventilation, that returns up to 93% of the energy back into the home, which is needed in a modern home, opposed to Positive Pressure Ventilation (PIV) that has been largely promoted in NZ (!) and expels your 'paid for heating' with the polluted air. PIV is suited to an older naturally vented dwelling.

Also please see our Easy Fix Heated Towel Rails, Mirror Demisters and Outdoor Heaters.


Other Options (not offered by The Heating Company):

If you choose the ambiance of a Fireplace ensure that it has automated control. You can complement this option with our options from above.

Heat Pumps or Air-conditioning. Most New Zealander's have their house open during summer!

So first ask the question – Do I need cooling? If not re-consider this as an option. (Our Heat-ON Radiant Panels are a healthier option with 'equivalent' operational costs) Heat Pumps have a high Coefficient Performance (COP) and can be less expensive to operate, but not when you live in colder parts of the country. There is also noise and draft negativities to consider. But they are popular.

Hydronic (In-concrete water heating) is a viable option if you have a large home that requires a constant temperature over the whole home, and or, if the majority of the home has hard flooring. Such systems have a high investment commitment and are only recommended where there is off street gas. Both diesel and heat pump energy sources come at a higher cost.

We hope the above helps the education process and we are happy to talk to you, and or, your Architect if you want our advice.

We offer direct supply, and/or a Nationwide Installation service.