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Best Outdoor Heaters NZ

Quality Stand Up Outdoor Heaters

Even during a NZ spring or summer, when the temperature drops late in the afternoon or early evening, your patio or outdoor entertainment areas can get a bit nippy. It’s harder to entertain guests or enjoy your view as it’s simply warmer inside. With a really good outdoor heating system, enjoyment of every area of a home is possible both in summer and winter. Quality stand up heaters are perfect for use in any outdoor area – and they’re as safe and efficient as they come.

How Good Are Stand Up Heaters?

Portable stand-up outdoor heaters are the perfect addition to any home. You can move them to where you require heating, with various heat settings you can control at the touch of a button. With a maximum capacity of 1800 watts, there’s no danger of ever feeling cold – with the ability to set the heating arm to stand horizontally or vertically to expand or reduce the area you need to heat. A quality heater is solid too. Find one that stands at over two metres and weighs over 22 kilograms and you won’t have to worry about it getting knocked over or falling over accidentally. Choose a remotely operated model as well, which will allow you to control its settings from afar or without getting up from your comfortable seating position.

Other Heating Options

Whilst we don’t have outdoor heaters in stock at the moment, there’s no reason why you can’t get in touch with us for some ideas on how to heat up your deck or entertainment areas. We are the leading domain experts in the country at solving your heating concerns so don’t be shy, contact the Heating Company today.

Our portable Outdoor Heating Systems below are currently out of stock. Check out our SC-Plus series outdoor/commercial heaters.

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