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Panel Heater Auckland

Panel Heaters exponential growth in being a must-have item in Auckland homes is reflective of Auckland’s variable seasonal and temperature patterns that have become more extreme due to climate change. Panel Heaters have evolved over the years, these days developed with better technology and user experience. Not only have they changed from a performance perspective, but these wall mounted heaters can now come with sleek and elegant designs.


What are Panel Heaters

Panel heaters are powered by electricity and generally mounted on walls. They are a great choice for rooms that need instant heating the moment you enter in. Particularly, this type of heater is best used in spaces you don’t regularly visit. Waterproofing technology is also infused with modern heaters to ensure safety and flexibility.

Common panel heaters solely rely on convection to provide heat. Advanced panel heaters are compatible with both convection and thermal radiation for a more accelerated and accurate temperature. Programmable settings will allow you to enjoy more dynamic temperature levels at any time of the day.


The Need for Panel Heaters in Auckland

As mentioned above, Auckland is no exception to the drastic effects of climate change both environmentally and peoples’ well-being. Our winters are cold enough to cause damage to one’s health. Proper implementation of heating systems, thermal insulation, and ventilation are essential.

The Heating Company has been trusted by thousands of Aucklanders for over 2 decades. We’ve developed smart panel heaters that deliver 70% convection and 30% radiant heat to warm up an entire room evenly and consistently. The wall heater fits well with any room design due to its sleek and clean approach. And with castors available, you’ll be able to move the panel heater easily from room to room. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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