Panel Heater Options in Hamilton

Panel Heater Hamilton

Panel heaters are a great match for heating rooms. Their slim and stylish design is a perfect backup for your main heating system. Judging by what our team has seen, Hamilton homeowners have also loved the convenience brought by panel heaters.


What are Panel Heaters

Panel heaters are a type of electric heater that can either be wall-mounted or left standing inside a room. They heat your space by allowing cold air to pass through the heater and then release it with a warm temperature. The hot air then resides on top of the room while cold air on the bottom slowly enters the heater. The process repeats until all the surrounding air is heated.


When to Use Panel Heaters

Due to the nature of a panel heater, maximizing its efficiency requires some of the following specific room types:

  1. Seldom-used rooms - This includes utility rooms, conservatory, dressing rooms, and study rooms.
  2. Small rooms - Smaller sized rooms can include guest rooms, computer rooms, bathrooms, and study rooms.
  3. Large rooms (as a backup heater) - You may feel that your current system isn't enough, panel heaters are good reinforcements.


Panel Heaters Hamilton

Like other major cities in NZ, Hamilton's air is filled with pollutants as a result of excessive exhausts from old wood burners used for home heating. The beauty and efficiency of panel heaters being electric-powered means they won’t harm the environment.

The Heating Company offers Redwood Slimline Panel Heaters with inbuilt thermostats for automatic heat adjustments. These heaters utilise the quick heating feature of convection and long-lasting effects of radiant heat. It's the ultimate panel heater for Hamilton homes with its sleek modern design and versatility. Get in touch with our experts to find out more today.

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