Panel Heater Options in Queenstown

Panel Heater Queenstown

A Queenstown winter is unlike a winter up in the North Island. With the beauty, comes the cold. And when it gets too cold to handle, using panel heaters is a great call.

What are Panel Heaters

Panel heaters are well-known for their slim design and quick performance. They are a type of electric heater that is either mounted on walls or left standing inside a room. Panel heaters are a great source of instant supplementary heat.

Types of Panel Heaters

The most common type of panel heaters uses convection heating to warm-up rooms. However, as companies strive to increase their efficiency, new types were made:

  • Convection Panel Heaters - Uses blowers to warm cold air and circulates it around the room. They are generally quick in providing heat.
  • Radiant Panel Heaters - Effective in heating up small rooms in a matter of seconds. Utilises thermal radiation that affects objects directly.
  • Micathermic Panel Heaters - These types of heaters provide the most efficient distribution of heat, widespread warmth, and effective cost of energy.

Panel Heaters Queenstown

As we’ve mentioned above, due to its geographic location and being surrounded by those majestic mountains, it gets nice and cold in the Autumnal and Winter months. There’s even a bit of crispness in the air during the onset of Spring. So it goes without saying that more and more homeowners in Queenstown have chosen to go with the efficiency of panel heaters to warm their living and sleeping areas.

Choosing the right panel heater can be confusing though. At The Heating Company, we don't just provide you with a regular panel heater. Our Redwood panel heaters are powered by three Micathermic elements. That is 3x the efficiency of regular heaters. And with a built-in thermostat and digital programming, you'll be able to take full control of your desired comfort 24/7.

We have been keeping families comfortable since 1994. Contact us now for your heating needs.

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