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Product Code: HRU-ERGO

The HRU-ERGO heat recovery ventilator is a suspended unit with an extremely efficient counter-flow heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is made from plastic and processed cellulose which has a high water vapour permeability ratio, good air tightness, and good resistance to ageing. The spacing between the cellulose fibres allows free passage of water vapour molecules. Larger molecules, like those of odours, cannot pass through the heat exchanger. This prevents the contamination of the fresh air supplied indoors.

The heat recovery ventilators are available in an output range from 250 m3/h to 1000 m3/h. A standard HRU-ERGO heat recovery ventilator features 10-speed energy-efficient fans, automatic air bypass, defrosting mode (based on a fan speed control algorithm), 2 air filters, and steel duct connections.

Optional accessories include the HDE-CO electric heater and the HDW water heater, the HRU-CONTR-TPAD touch-screen controller, as well as CO2 and air humidity sensors.

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Technical Specifications

Air Flow Rate (m²/h) Temperature Recovery Rate Noise Level Voltage Power
250 75-84% 34,5 230 46
350 75-84% 37,5 230 60
500 75-86% 39 230 51
650 75-84% 39,5 230 78
800 75-84% 42 230 186
1000 75-85% 43 230 246