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Product Code: Glass TR8100V

Thermostat is discontinued. You can still preview important information and documents.

We recommend checking out our new TR220 Standard Thermostat.

A very high-quality touchscreen thermostat, with flat European stylish design, at a very affordable price.



  • Large LCD display
  • Completely flat, slim and compact control panel
  • Seven-day programmable (each day can be set to different settings)
    o Four time and four temperature settings per day
    o Pre-programmed or personalised schedule
    o Energy savings up to 33%
  • Temperature limiting and user lock
  • White back light illumination
  • Dual air and floor sensing, complete with 10, 100 and 3K multiple sensor options
  • IP30
  • Two-year warranty
  • White, Black or Silver Colour Option
  • Has intelligent control capability with the ability to dictate floor and/or air temperature,
    temperature limiting and user lock
  • Intuitive menu driven set up, programming and operation
  • Permanent program retention during power loss
  • Setpoint temperature limited range capable
  • Touchscreen thermostat has enhanced touch screen security
  • Room temperature display can be re-calibrated up to +/- 4oC
  • Can switch up to 16amps (230V)
  • Temporary temperature override
  • Large 4.3-inch touch screen display
  • European standard installation box
  • White lighted display for easier low light viewing
  • Larger, easy-to-read character size
  • Extra-large touch keys for easy operation
  • Clean, uncluttered touch screen display provides easier navigation
  • Vacation mode (frost protection mode)
  • 24hr/12hr clock format selection
  • Floor temperature limit



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