DIY Heating Mats


Product Code: UTSM

If you are laying over a concrete substrate, don’t forget to insulate for superior performance and choose Free Spooling Cable so you can use 180 watts/M² if your heated area in less than 10M².


  • Includes:
    • DIY heat mat only
  • Available in a range of wattages, from 150W to 1500W
  • Free spooling cable allows free hand-laying and 100% coverage
  • Compatible with our full range of additional thermostats
  • Hotwire underfloor heating mat allow for easier installation where the cable spacing is pre-set with a fixing mesh overlay
  • Note: Improve heating performance and operation costs when installing Under Tile Heating on Concrete Substrates see Insulate Mats.

Required thermostat sold separately. View thermostat range.


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Technical Specifications

Size Calculator: Measure the exact “net” m2 heating area. Exclude any floor obstructions such as benches, WC areas and shower trays. E.g.: 6m2 les shower tray (1m2), WS (.5m2) and bench (1.2m2) = 3.3m2 x 150w = 500 watt heating element required.

Note: With concrete floors under 5m2 we recommend using a formula of 180w/m2. The calculations are based on an electrical rate of 29 cents per kW/hr.

Size Wattage Coverage Costs per day @ 6 hrs a day Costs per month
Small 300-400 1-3 $0.52-0.70 $15.6-21
Medium 500-600 3-4 $0.87-1.04 $26.1-1.32
Large 700-1200 4-8 $1.22-1.59 $36.54-62.64
Small 800-1000 5-7.5 $1.39-1.74 $41.76-52.2
Medium 1000-1250 6-9 $1.74-1.65 $52.2-65.25
Large 1500-1750 10-12 $2.61-3.04 $78.3-91.35
Small 1500-2000 10-14 $2.61-3.48 $78.3-104.4
Medium 2000-2500 14-17 $3.48-4.35 $78.3-130.5
Large 2500-3000 17-24 $4.35-5.22 $ 130.5-156.6