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Product Code: TR8200

Turn your heating on exactly when you need it without lifting a finger. Our range of thermostats pair seamlessly with our heating and ventilation products and are ideal for automating your home so it works for you, not you for it.

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Technical Specifications

  • Power supply: 230V
  • Inputs: 2x NTC10K temperature sensors
  • Output: 1x switch relay (R1) max 3500 Watts
  • Ambient temperature: 0oC (+32oF) ~ +45oC (113oF)
  • Operating RH: 0-95% 9non condensing)
  • Dimensions: 127mm x 95mm x 22.5mm
  • Backlight life: 5000hours
  • Battery type: CR1220 (back up clock only)
  • Battery life: > 5years (10 years maximum)
  • Protection degree: IP30