Infrared Ceiling Panel 6000W

Infrared ceiling panel 600W

Product Code: IC600

Invite all the benefits of the sun into your home without those nasty UV rays. Radiance Far Infrared Reaching (FIR) ceiling panels keep your rooms healthy, dry and clean from mould. Ideal for bedrooms, hallways, utility rooms, apartments and draughty open areas, these infrared ceiling panels radiate ‘healthy’ sun-like warmth to solid surfaces including floors, acting like heat storage and therefore providing cost-effective energy usage.

Required thermostat sold separately. View thermostat range.
If you don’t require a thermostat please contact us


  • Available in frameless 300W, 600W and 1000W panels
  • The typical wattage design = 80W/sqm i.e. 20sqm = 1600W
  • The panels are wall or ceiling mounted
  • All fixing materials are included for an easy installation
  • Wire hangers are available for a high stud (3m<) or commercial application
  • Frameless radiance heating panels are surface mounted or hung from the ceiling. The ease of installation makes for minimal labour costs
  • Kills 99.39% bacteria within the environment and reduces dust, making them perfect for asthma sufferers
  • Produces a fast and even heat distribution
  • Easy-to-use Touch Screen Thermostat: 24/7 programmable, temperature and weekly repetition setting LCD display
  • Comfort and night setback modes (turns on during the night if the temperature drops)
  • Very accurate electronic thermostat for economical operation
  • Thermal overheat and fuse over current protection
  • No oil or water
  • No noise
  • Wireless thermostat control available for easy installation in existing buildings
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Technical Specifications

  • Heating element: Carbon Crystal
  • Surface temperature: 75°C - 95°C
  • Back temperature: <40°C
  • Electric conversion efficiency: 98%
  • Life expectancy: ≥ 100,000h
  • Wave length: 8-15µ
  • Front surface: Powder-coated aluminium sheet
  • Radiation length: <3.5 metre
  • Frame: Frameless
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Over-heating protection: Yes
  • Default cable length: 2 metres