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Insulate EVA Underlayment

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Insulated underlay creates a thermal barrier on a concrete substrate and your finished floor. When installing floor heating on a concrete substrate we highly recommend as it is inexpensive, easy to lay and provides significant operational savings. Note: There are insulation boards available for this purpose but they are very expensive and overkill!

Insulated underlay is extremely durable and will withstand repeated stress. The mat will not shrink, absorb moisture or rot. Insulate has not been tested or approved as a sound reducing application but it does offer high impact and sound reducing properties. 

    • 5 times faster to install than compressed sheet.
    • 20 times lighter than compressed sheet.
    • High 33% reduction in impact & sound.
    • Increases insulation values & performance by 37%+.
    • Easy to cut.
    • Peel & stick (no nails or screws required)
    • Approved Installer 10 year Manufacturer’s warranty.
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Technical Specifications

Under Tile Heating Performance Test Condition Test
Heating Performance Test @150W/m2 Start Air Temp 16oC Concrete Substrate Insulate 3.0mm
  No Insulation Temperature Under Insulation Tile Surface Temperature
Start 14 14.2 (Tile) 16
15 mins 17 16.5 23.5
30 mins 18 18 27
45 mins 20 19 28
60 mins 20 20 28
90 mins 21 21 29
Sound Insulation Test Test Condition Test Result
No Insulate Mat 100hz Sound Transmission = 93dB
With 3.0 mm Insulate Mat 100hz Sound Transmission = 33% Reduction @70dB
Adhesive Strength Test Condition Test
Adhesive Strength ASTM D903 1.2 kg/cm²