Lunos E2 Short System

Product Code: e2 Neo


  • Whisper quiet operation (12.4dB)
  • Slim and modern design with stylish vents
  • Designed for new homes or apartments, and suitable for retrofit market
  • Helps reduce condensation and mould by reducing indoor humidity
  • Ultra low energy consumption – uses less energy than a phone charger
  • Allows building to breathe 100% filtered fresh air & removes bad odours
  • German engineered ceramic core heat exchanger recovers up to 86% of energy
  • Bedroom CO2 levels reduced for better sleeping patterns
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Technical Specifications

Degree of efficiency82.7%
Flow Rate (with heat recovery)18/31/38m3/h
Power consumption per unit1.4 / 2.8 / 3.3W
Specific power consumption0.08W / m3/ h
Supply voltage / frequency12V DC
Humidity recoveryapprox. 20 - 30%
Measuring surface sound pressure level16.5 / 19.5 / 26 dB
Standard sound pressure difference Dn, W, open42 dB
Minimal wall thickness190 mm
Core hole162 mm