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Lunos Ego System

Product Code: LUNOS eGo

e2 and The Lunos Ego Room Ventilation System are among the smallest de-centralised fans for domestic ventilation with heat recovery in the world


  • Highly-efficient motors with state-of-the-art technology
  • Very low power consumption, ensuring that it is unique in terms of energy efficiency
  • German engineered ceramic core heat exchanger recovers heat
  • If a LUNOS ventilation system has already been installed, an ego can be used in existing outside wall
    air outlets
  • Designed for your home or apartment with a simple retrofit
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Technical Specifications

Degree of efficiency up to 87.7%
Flow Rate (with heat recovery) 5/ 10/ 20 m³/h
Exhaust air flow rate 45 m³/h
Power consumption per unit 1/ 1,7/ 4,5 W
Specific power consumption 0.2 W/m³/h
Supply voltage / frequency 12V DC
Humidity recovery approx. 20-30%
Measuring surface sound pressure level measured in 3m distance 16.8 / 24 / 38.1 dB
Standard sound pressure difference Dn, W, open 43dB
Minimal wall thickness 230 mm
Core hole 162 mm