Lunos Nexxt

Lunos Nexxt

Product Code: Nexxt


  • Heat transfer is made via a cross-flow heat exchanger or optionally via a cross-counterflow heat exchanger
  • Power input commences as of 5 W and volume flows of over 90 m³/h can be generated
  • The Lunos Nexxt is topped off by a completely new operating concept; placed behind an elegant screen, the control provides a clear but subtle feedback by backlighting
  • Lunos Nexxt is controlled via humidity or temperature sensors as a standard and optionally also via a CO2 sensor
  • The Lunos Nexxt can be installed both under and on plaster
  • The installation housing of the surface-mounted version includes a stylish design frame making an attractive visual impact
  • The well-known 160 wall tube is used for the duct to the outside
  • Low energy consumption from 5W at the lowest setting of 15m3/h, up to 45W at the highest setting of 112m3/h
  • Whisper quiet operation, well below 20 dB for settings of up to 30m3/h
  • Clean air using standard M5 filters with the option to increase to M7 or M9 for bacteria filtration
  • USB port for firmware updating, allowing to add wireless sensors, motion detectors and switches
  • Intelligent automatic sensing of humidity and temperature as standard
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Technical Specifications

Volume Flow 15 - 110 m3/h
Voltage 230V / 50 Hz
Power Consumption 5W @ 15m3/h
Heat Recovery Up to 90%
Sound Power Level 20dB up to 30m3/h
Minimum wall thickness Flush mounted - 110mm
Surface mounted - 280 mm
Dimensions of the device 480 (W) x 480 (H) x 170 (D) mm
Dimensions of the inner screen 510 (W) x 510 (H) x 66 (D) mm
Dimensions of the outer hood 205 (W) x 235 (H) x 72 (D) mm