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Product Code: HRU-MinistAIR

HRU-MinistAIR residential heat recovery units are a new version of a well recognized model, based on a completely new design. Airflows of 250 or 325 m3/h and self-supporting casing made of EPP, acting as thermal and acoustic insulation at the same time. Counter-flow heat exchangers, made of PET, are responsible for heat recovery and enthalpic exchangers (E) recover moisture.

In addition, the built-in RH sensor will take care of moisture level in the building. Left and Right version, together with horizontal installation, will allow you to adapt the unit to almost each project. Moreover, 56 cm width will allow installation in narrow spaces or wardrobes.

HRU-MinistAIR heat recovery units can be equipped with a Constant Flow (CF) module. Wireless communication is used, likewise other series, both for controllers and IAQ sensors. Control is possible also via a mobile application. The electric pre-heater will provide an additional frost protection for the heat exchanger.



  • Heat recovery: HRU-MinistAIR-250 – up to 96%, HRU-MinistAIR-325 – up to 95.5%
  • Mounting in 3 configurations- wall-mounted: vertically, horizontally and standing on the floor
  • Left-hand and right-hand units (mirror image of the connections)
  • A horizontal model for both left and right configuration
  • Two condensate drains. By designing the inclinations in EPP, excess water can flow freely to the drain connector
  • Replacement of filters is easy without opening the cover
  • Compact dimensions. The unit’s width is only 560mm. Units can be installed in standard 600mm cupboards thanks to these dimensions
  • Modulated by-pass
  • Free-cooling functions – also referred as Passive Cooling (no energy is needed) or Night Cooling (mostly happens during night), can be used to cool a building with outdoor air, when the room temperature is higher than the outside temperature
  • Free-heating functions – also referred as Passive Heating (no energy is needed), can be used to heat a building with outdoor air, when the room temperature is lower than the outside temperature
  • Performance tested according to EN 13141-7 standard
  • Wall mounting racks and feet included
  • Replaceable duct connections
  • Wireless control through mobile application or web browser
  • Remote control possible by any CO2 or RH wireless sensor
  • Light weight construction – only 25 kg!
  • Easy access to USB port (service interface)
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Technical Specifications

HRU-MinistAIR-250 HRU-MinistAIR-325
Maximal efficiency %1 96% 95,5%
Efficiency % (acc. 1254/2014) 90,2% 88,1%
Heat exchanger counterflow counterflow
Air flow [m3/h] 250 325
Voltage [V/Hz] 230 / 50 230 / 50
Maximum power consumption [W] 108 150
Sound power level LWA[dB (A)] 48 49
Weight [kg] 25 25
Filters ISO Coarse 70% 70%