PremAir Units

PremAir Units

Product Code: HRU-PremAIR

Heat recovery ventilation unit HRU-PremAIR is a modern device with 350 / 450 or 500 m3/h airflow @ 100 Pa. The unit is made from cutting edge materials – PET or aluminum heat exchanger and EPP self-supporting casing. Depending on the model, the following heat exchangers are used: counterflow heat exchanger made of PET, aluminum heat exchanger or counterflow, enthalpy exchanger.

Enthalpy exchangers in HRU-PremAIR-E series have a polymer membrane that effectively recovers heat and moisture from the extract air. Such membrane works like a membrane in waterproof trekking clothing i.e. it allows water vapour to pass through, but not liquid water and air. The enthalpy exchanger also blocks the transfer of odours, bacteria, and spores.

PHA CertificationHRU-PremAIR-450 is certified by Passive House
Institute and can be used as a certified
component in passive houses.



  • Heat recovery:
    • HRU-PremAIR-350 – up to 92,9%
    • HRU-PremAIR-350E – up to 91,2%
    • HRU-PremAIR-450 – up to 93,4% PH
    • HRU-PremAIR-450E – up to 91,2
    • HRU-PremAIR-500 – up to 82,6%
  • Certified heat exchanger from PET with high performance
    (Eurovent Certification) and hygienic compliance with
    DIN EN ISO 846 standard
  • Entalphy exchangers with antimirobial properties of the
    membrane, sesistant against mold and bacteria
  • Hi-tech modern casing made of Expanded Polypropylene – EPP
  • High mechanical resistance
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Modulated by-pass
  • Free-cooling functions – also referred as Passive Cooling
    (no energy is needed) or Night Cooling (mostly happens
    during night), can be used to cool a building with
    outdoor air, when the room temperature is higher than
    the outside temperature
  • Free-heating functions – also referred as Passive Heating
    (no energy is needed), can be used to heat a building
    with outdoor air, when the room temperature is lower
    than the outside temperature
  • Performance tested according to EN 13141-7 standard
  • Complies with ErP2018
  • Wall mounting racks and feet included
  • Replaceable duct connections
  • Wireless control through mobile application or web
  • Remote control possible by any CO2 or RH wireless sensor
  • Light weight construction – only 32 kg!
  • POLISH product
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Technical Specifications

ModelHeat ExchangerAir flow (m³/h)Voltage (V/Hz)Max Power Consumption (W)Sound Power Level
HRU-PremAIR-350counterflow, PET350 @ 100 Pa230 / 5018056
HRU-PremAIR-350Ecounterflow, enthalpy350 @ 100 Pa230 / 5018056
HRU-PremAIR-450counterflow, PET450 @ 100 Pa230 / 5027059
HRU-PremAIR-450counterflow, PET450 @ 100 Pa230 / 5027059
HRU-PremAIR-450Ecounterflow, enthalpy450 @ 100 Pa230 / 5027059
HRU-PremAIR-500counterflow, aluminium500 @ 100 Pa230 / 5031561